7 Reasons Vets Love Vetter Software

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Vetter Software is now DaySmart Vet

As a veterinarian and pet business owner, managing the day-to-day operations of your practice can be overwhelming. If you’ve used piece-meal software to manage your practice, you can quickly be overwhelmed with the various products you need to stay on top of.

Everything from managing inventory, processing payments, tracking appointment schedules and medical records, to marketing can quickly become overwhelming. Moreover, the costs of each of these specialized software is not friendly to your pocket, employees, or customers.

DaySmart Vet simplifies this by offering a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that integrates all these tools into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Accessible on any device, DaySmart Vet also includes pet-specific features and integrations, robust marketing tools, advanced scheduling and inventory management, secure data storage, and excellent customer support. By streamlining these processes, DaySmart Vet can save veterinarians time and money while providing the tools they need to succeed.

Below, we’ll go into detail about the seven reasons why vets love DaySmart Vet software, and offer you an overview of the service and its benefits.

1. Simple and Intuitive User Interface


Scheduling, record keeping, billing, marketing & reporting, inventory, and marketing are all integrated beautifully into DaySmart Vet software.

You no longer have to bounce between various software services such as Google calendars or other complicated scheduling and payments software services.

DaySmart Vet integrates appointment scheduling, employee work schedules, service inventories, and marketing perfectly together on a cloud-based platform that allows you to access quickly but also back up your data on the cloud. Auto-saving as you type is also a great feature to avoid losing valuable data.

The software is also very responsive and intuitive, making it easy to start quickly. The setup wizard also helps you navigate and get started with a few clicks.

2. Pet Business Specific Features and Integrations

If you’ve ever had to use generic non-industry-specific software to manage your business, you can quickly become frustrated with the endless customizations required to get things where you want them to be.

DaySmart Vet is software designed for the pet industry. For example, pet breeds are searchable and automatically populated when filling out pet and client information. A comments section describing vaccination and pet personality is great for tracking previous appointments and interactions. Electronic medical records can also be easily managed within the software.

DaySmart Vet also integrates with many familiar labs, imaging, & diagnostics services, marketing & communications services such as PetDesk and Autoremind, Bivvy Pet insurance, and other practice management software such as QuickBooks.

3. Robust Marketing Features

DaySmart Vet has built-in email and text marketing features fully integrated with the software.

Users can run “last minute appointment campaigns” or “reminder to book again” campaigns from within the platform without relying on more expensive and complicated email marketing software such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo. This ability alone is worth the cost of the software.

While the campaigns are simple, they are full-featured, allowing you to quickly design campaigns based on marketing templates or filter campaigns to target specific clients. Of course, you’re free to run campaigns from scratch, but the templates and suggested campaigns make marketing easy.

The software also comes with the ability to create a points and loyalty program, perfect for tracking and rewarding your loyal customers.

4. Robust Scheduling and Inventory Features

DaySmart Vet comes with robust, clear, intuitive scheduling and reminder features that are great for managing client appointments and employee work schedules. Conflicts can be instantly resolved and urgency prioritized by putting up schedules on the cloud.

Both pet and client information is logged into the database, including names, pictures, personality, and other visit histories. The software automatically sends out appointment reminders, helping avoid the dreaded no-show.

Employee schedules, as well as all your services inventory, can also be managed directly within the software. With the various filters, you can quickly determine who’s available to do what service on any given day.

Besides an inventory of services, drugs and products inventory can also be tracked with the software. By tracking these things, the software is able to automatically prompt you to order more supplies as inventories run low.

5. Monthly updates and upgrades with a responsive development team

DaySmart Vet offers monthly updates/upgrades, and the development team is always working to improve the software based on user feedback.

Vets feel like the software is a partner in their business rather than a customer to be ignored post-sale. The free live training, 24/7 email and phone support, and extensive knowledge base allow users to get their questions answered quickly.

6. Real-time communication

One of the things vets and pet services will love is the ability to manage communication, including marketing communication, in real time.

Appointment reminders are instantly sent via email or text, avoiding the hassle and forgetfulness of manual reminders. Alerts can be triggered for such things as when a pet owner’s lab results are ready, an upcoming vaccination appointment, a follow-up check-in or procedure, or a reminder to pick up prescriptions.

Clients can also book appointments online, automatically populating the software. With the pandemic digitizing services even further, DaySmart Vet allows clients to receive and fill out and submit forms all digitally in advance without the need to do so on-premise.

Two-way texting allows real-time client communication about appointments, cancellations, and updates.

Email forwarding allows clinics to forward emails directly into clients’ communication history, preventing cumbersome copying and pasting.

7. Easy Payments, Invoicing, Record Keeping, and Reporting Features

The software has an integrated payments feature, allowing clients to pay with a credit card, loyalty points, cash, or another method of choice.

Deposits can also be taken during online bookings to reduce the impact of no-shows and avoid in-person payments entirely.

You can also add credits to a client’s account to be used for services or products in the future or run a tab with the client, allowing them to pay back later. Payments collecting and checking up on past-due bills are also automated.

The ability to easily create medical records and invoices, manage tasks, collect payments, export certificates and send them to clients makes for a seamless experience for both staff and clients.

The advanced reporting features also allow the logging of visits, treatments administered, and prescriptions.

Reporting also covers revenue, invoices, products or services sold, inventory, and more. This allows you to free up time dealing with administration and focus on taking your vet business to the next level.

For the latest details on pricing and more complicated campus licensing, refer to the software’s pricing page.

As of this writing, a standard one-user license costs $99/month, with three users costing $149/month, seven users $249/month, and 15 users costing $399/month.
Final Thoughts

In summary, DaySmart Vet (formerly Vetter Software) is a cloud-based software service that integrates various tools to manage a veterinary practice, including appointment scheduling, record keeping, billing, marketing, and inventory management.

The platform offers a simple and intuitive user interface, is responsive and easy to start using, and includes pet-specific features and integrations with other services.

It also has robust marketing and scheduling features and the ability to create a points and loyalty program.

Overall, DaySmart Vet offers a comprehensive solution for veterinarians looking to streamline and simplify the management of their practices.

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