Advertsuite 2.0 software

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Advertsuite 2.0 software is one of the world’s most popular social media spy tool, which lets you find, segment, and copy successful ad campaigns from any rival, market, or website. This way, other people can spend money testing advertisements while you don’t have to!

Advertsuite 2 software

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How it works?

Enter Your Target audience filters (Age, Audience, Keywords, competitors).
View active and past campaigns, landing pages and the results from any advertiser online.
Copy and implement the ads that work so you don’t waste your money on ads that don’t work!


Advertsuite 2 software features:

  • Advertsuite app lets you know exactly which ads are currently effective (and which ones are NOT), saving you money on ineffective advertising. See what ads are running and, more crucially, succeeding by searching for keywords, niches, competitors, and even websites.


  • By letting Advertsuite SHOW you the top-performing advertisements in your category, you can do away with the need to test, modify, and edit your ads.


  • You can see every rival running ads and their landing page in one dashboard with Advertsuite software so you can copy what is successful.


  • You can search through the largest Facebook ad library in the world with Advertsuite. There are more than 80 million ads from 15 different countries, and hundreds more are added every day.


  • To help you better understand the audience you are targeting, Advertsuite breaks down the locations where any advertisement is being displayed.


  • Since video ads are a popular ad format, Advertsuite can show you which ones are most effective in the market right now for your specific niche.


  • You may use Advertsuite to filter advertisements based on their calls to action to see which calls to action are best for your campaign and niche.


  • Ever wonder which advertising perform better in the sidebar versus the news feed? This problem is resolved by Advertsuite software by displaying what is currently most effective in both.


  • Advertsuite will allow you to see the landing page that the traffic is being delivered to in addition to the winning ads, allowing you to recreate the successful funnels.


What will be different in 2022 with Advertsuite 2.0?

To conquer ANY topic without ever testing advertising, over 80 million NEW advertisements AND ad types have been added. Every month since 2019, they have added millions of new ads, along with more than ten different new ad types that Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube have each created. You name it, Advertsuite has it—Instagram story advertising, video advertisements, side columns, third-party site ads, retargeting ads, etc. This means you never have to waste money experimenting to see what works.

With the AI syndication suite, you can quickly dominate on Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads at once.
You can search and view every Instagram, Google, and Youtube ad with Advertsuite now like never before.
In 2022, Insta, Youtube, and Google ads will be the main platforms people use to generate revenue, and Advertsuite software will have evolved to become the genuine 1-stop shop for the big 4 platforms. Advertsuite 1.0 included rudimentary search’s for these platforms but concentrated mostly on Facebook ads. This will only available on oto1 upgraded product.

With Our AI Funnel Search Software, You Can Generate Huge Lists & Sales
Want to find advertisements that instantly take you to a funnel page where you can create a winning funnel? To identify ads that exclusively link to a clickfunnels, lead pages, or ANY funnel site, use Advertsuites’ FUNNEL search feature. This is ideal for people engaged in list development, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or local marketing.

Our Ecom Search feature helps you find profitable Ecommerce products and advertisements in ANY niche.
Along with showing you the advertisements (and goods) that actually generate sales, Advertsuite enables you to view ads that ONLY go to a shopify, magneto, or woocommerce store.
Enter your topic, filter the top performers with a single click, and then duplicate them. You can also utilize Advertsuite to identify products that ARE selling at the now or choose advertisements that have appeared within the last six months.

Increase your revenue significantly without ever being concerned about being blacklisted with affiliate marketing with the special interest search function (FINALLY be able to promote products & niches like CBD, men’s health, cryptocurrency, etc.). Knowing how to develop ads that promote an affiliate offer or a “gray area” specialty, such as CBD, gambling, cryptocurrency, etc., WITHOUT getting banned, is one of the main issues many advertisers face.
By displaying the successful (and unsuccessful) ads that adhere to the TOPS to enable them to do so, Advertsuite 2.0 enables you to immediately search the top niches that users have problems with & HOW to promote these links & niches. This is a game-changer because these niches are less crowded (due to TOS violations) but incredibly lucrative, with a select few raking in the majority of the profits. You can do now.


With no Shopify segmenter, use Advertsuite to identify running advertising for any product or Shopify store advertisements in general to get the best trending ads TODAY.

Advertsuite software will display any local clients with active advertisements, or you can use a keyword like “surgeon” or “restaurant” to search through all of our active and completed ads in our database.

Use Advertsuite to see what other online marketers are doing to generate emails, direct sales, webinar registrations, etc. You can also see the geolocations, genders, and other details of the audience this ad is intended for, and you can copy the strategies that are currently working by doing the same!

To recreate another successful campaign, search Advertsuite for all list-building ads that are running through calls to action and note their content, wording, targeting, and landing pages.

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