Amplifying Success: An Interview with CEO Jessica Schultz

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We recently caught up with Jessica Schultz, CEO and Founder of Amplify.

Can you tell us about your career path to becoming an entrepreneur?

I started my career in capital markets, then shifted to tech sales, then venture capital! I learned a ton in each role across operations, sales, marketing, and investing. This combined experience prepared me to be an operator. 

What inspired you to start your current company, and what problem does it solve?

I always had an entrepreneur itch but decided to take the leap after identifying a real market opportunity while working at the venture fund. I observed that all of our founders were having the same GTM challenges and there wasn’t many folks serving this part of the market. There are a ton of large sales & marketing consulting firms serving the mid-market and enterprise sector but there is a very small number of firms serving the startup space who so desperately need the help. That was my calling to do what I love for an underserved market with serious demand! 

How did you identify your ideal customer profile? What steps did you take to validate your product or service with them?

Our ideal customer is a B2B startup or SMB with $1mm-30mm in revenue. For startups in the $1-2mm ARR range, we support their founder led sales transition. For startups $2-30mm, we help them optimize their RevOps strategy and execution to better measure their team performance and better allocate resources to their GTM strategy. 

These days, there’s a lot of talk about company culture.  What type of culture are you building?

Culture is so incredibly important to me. I want our culture to be all about transparency, accountability, innovation, and results. We push everyone to keep learning, embrace a growth mindset, and strive for excellence. 

Can you walk us through your company’s growth trajectory and success to date?

I started the company roughly a year ago and we had a fast start – finishing our first year with close to $500k in revenue. The first year was all about testing the market, building and refining our process and operations. This second year is going to be all about scale! We’re investing in our marketing and team. We’ll be pressure testing our model and refining our operations to better serve our clients and maximize margins. 

Most founders we chat with are looking for a junior, associate, or fullstack software engineer and some talented tech sales folks.  Are you actively hiring?  Who are your ideal candidates? 

We will be hiring soon! We’ll be looking for project managers, revenue operations professionals, marketers, and analysts. We prefer folks that have experience in sales or marketing, and ideally some exposure to startups, venture capital, or private equity.

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