A Deep Dive into Animaker Pricing: From Basic to Business Plans

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Animaker Pricing Analysis

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If you’re weighing and budgeting for a new animation software, the Animaker has certainly crossed your mind. It is a cool software that creates 2D animation and live-action videos. So, freelancers and businesses are using it to create marketing tips and explainer videos, but not before looking at Animaker pricing

Aside from a comprehensive Animaker review, its plans and pricing can help you choose a suitable animation software for you. Plus, if you finally decide to use Animaker for video animation, you’ll know the right plan for your pocket.

Read on as we explore Animaker cost, understand their plans in detail, and choose a bespoke plan for you. Let’s get into it.

Animaker Pricing Overview

Animaker Pricing

Animaker has four pricing plans, which feature different specs according to their prices. Unlike several quarterly-billed software, Animaker only bills monthly or yearly.

Animaker Pricing Plans Summary

Pricing$0/mo$24/mo ($150/year)$37/mo ($300/year)$79/mo ($468/year)Custom
HD Video Downloads3515-min HD30-min 2KUnlimited 4K
GIF Downloads101530--
Music Credits-61000+--
Subtitle Minutes5015025015001500
Upload Limit2GB10GB20GB100GB200GB
Custom Characters--1530Unlimited
Auto Translation (mins)-75150750750
Video QualityHDHDFull HD2K4K
Thumbnail Generator
Bulk Feature
Try It TodayTry It TodayTry It TodayTry It TodayTry It Today

What are the Differences Between Animaker Pricing Plans?

Animaker Freemium plan

Animaker’s free plan is, of course, the cheapest and most accessible. But it is a pretty limited version of the paid Animaker plans.

Here’s what you’ll get in the free plan:

  • The ability to download 3 HD quality videos without watermark
  • A 2GB size limit for uploading personal media and the ability to download 10 GIFs every month
  • 50 minutes of auto subtitles every month with watermark
  • A 250MB subtitle file limit per video project

Given that this plan is free, these specs aren’t the worst, and they can definitely help you with a quick project. But overall, the free plan is very restricted.

When to Choose the Animaker Free Plan

  • If your project isn’t sensitive to watermarks
  • If you need tools for a one-time project
  • If you’re just starting out with content creation, and can’t yet pay a subscription

When Not to Use the Animaker Free Plan

  • If your uploads often exceed 2GB in size
  • If you’ll need more than 3 downloads every month
  • If watermarks don’t align with your project’s vision

Animaker Basic Plan

Animaker’s basic plan is the next best thing if you have a more flexible budget. For a starter plan, it is a step up in free plan features and some unique prime extras.

For $24 per month, you get features like:

  • A limit of 5 HD quality downloads without watermarks every month
  • The ability to download 15 GIFs every month and use 6 premium music credits per month
  • A 2GB size limit for uploading your personal files
  • Live animation mix and a premium feature for creating kid’s characters
  • The ability to use 150 minutes of subtitles every month and 75 minutes worth of auto translation every month
  • An increased size limit of 10GB for file uploads
  • Manual subtitles and a video editor

Animaker’s Basic plan is ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses with medium content needs. It is really easy to use for startups, and good-quality videos without watermarks are always a plus.

Animaker dashboard

When to Choose the Animaker Basic Plan

  • If you need a mid-priced monthly plan for increased features
  • If you often upload files ranging from 5GB to 10GB
  • If GIFs are an active part of your content, and you’ll need up to 15 every month
  • If you regularly add subtitles and can use the 75 minutes of auto translation

When Not to Use the Animaker Basic Plan

  • If 150 minutes of subtitles won’t suffice for your content every month
  • If your projects require high quality that HD

Animarker Starter Plan

Animaker’s starter plan might cost more than the basic one, but it definitely has more extensive features plus everything in the Basic plan. At $37 per month, this plan has more extensive features to cater to more defined tasks and projects.

Here are some ways that Animaker Starter differs from other plans:

  • The ability to create 15 minute videos with Full HD quality
  • 10 premium downloads a month and 1000+ music tracks to choose from
  • The ability to create 15 custom characters and get 20 premium assets credits per month
  • 250 minutes of auto subtitles and an added 150 minutes of added translation
  • The ability to upload files of up to 20GB per month and download 30 GIFs monthly
  • Commercial rights to your content

The starter plan is perfect for social media influencers and online businesses. For instance, with a 15-character limit per month, there’s a lot more room for content creation. The lip sync feature also makes this plan an asset, especially for creating seamless audio-video merges.

When to Choose the Animaker Starter Plan

  • If you need to create long-form videos or upload files of up to 20GB
  • If you content requires several custom characters every month
  • If you averagely create over 200 minutes of subtitled videos, and can use the auto translation

When Not to Use the Animaker Starter Plan

  • If the extra cost doesn’t justify the added features

Animarker Pro Plan

If you’re looking to access every Animaker has to offer, then you should opt for the Pro plan. At $79 per month, it can be pricey, but if you thug through and choose the yearly plan, you can save $480 on the subscription. Plus, it features everything in the Starter plan

Here are the features in Animaker’s Pro plan:

  • The ability to create 30 minute-long videos in 2k quality
  • 30 premium downloads and the ability to create 30 custom characters every month
  • A limit of 100GB for uploading personal media and a size limit of 30GB per video
  • An auto resize feature and custom fonts for your content
  • 1500 minutes of auto subtitles with over 750 minutes of auto translation
  • Multiple download formats

The Pro plan is specially designed for creators who need a wide variety of images, fonts, and tools. It makes content creation so much easier for brands by offering custom tools and more flexibility for monthly.

When to Choose the Animaker Pro Plan

  • If your project involves large-scale content creation
  • If your monthly downloads exceed 15 and you can use the quality
  • If you often create long-form videos reaching 30 months
  • If you need a wider selection of premium music tracks

When Not to Use the Animaker Pro Plan

  • If you’re looking for a bespoke plan
  • If you need 4K video quality
  • If the extra cost doesn’t justify the features

Animarker Enterprise Plan

Animaker offers a custom plan to allow you to tailor the software to your exact needs. You’ll provide your business’s information, and Animaker will create a bespoke plan and unique Animaker enterprise pricing.

The Enterprise plan include all features in Pro, plus:

  • The ability to create unlimited video downloads in 4K quality
  • The license to resell and priority rendering
  • The ability to create and save templates
  • A 200GB limit for uploading your own files
  • The ability to upload 1500 minutes of audio subtitles a month and 750 minutes of auto translation every month

The Enterprise plan is built with teams in mind, and it works to bring them better creating tools. But it is pricey, so you need to be certain before subscribing.

When to Choose the Animaker Enterprise Plan​

  • If you need full roam to utilize all the premium tools
  • If you create bulk content through the month, and you need a flexible tool
  • If your team and project need a bespoke plan and customer support

When to Choose the Animaker Enterprise Plan​

  • If the added cost doesn’t justify the features

Let’s Review

Animaker is a premium choice for brands and businesses looking to upscale with visual marketing. Its plans and prices cater to everyone and every project, making it a popular software among newbie content creators and solopreneurs.

The key to choosing the ideal plan is carefully matching your needs with the plan’s features. Consider the applications, unique tools, and pricing to give you an accurate picture of your pick. If you’re still not sure, check out our comprehensive Animaker review.

Happy creating!

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