Mark Rabbino

Writer, Editor
Expertise Motion Graphics, Editing, Content Writing, SEO, Video Creation
Education Miami University


  • Product Review Specialist at RealGoodSoftware, known for his meticulous approach to evaluating digital tools.
  • Successful freelance career as a Motion Animator since 2020, adding depth and flair to his technical reviews.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Emerging Technologies in Business & Design from Miami University.


Mark Rabbino has been an integral part of the RealGoodSoftware team since 2021, where he specializes in in-depth product reviews. With a knack for identifying the pros and cons of digital tools, Mark brings his unique blend of analytical skills and creative flair to help users make informed choices. In addition to his role at RealGoodSoftware, Mark has been building a successful freelance career as a Motion Animator since 2020.

Prior to joining RealGoodSoftware, Mark gained significant experience in the animation field during his time at Grovo. Starting as an intern in 2016, he quickly ascended the ranks to become a full-fledged Motion Graphics Animator by 2018. His diverse career experience lends itself well to his current role, allowing him to dissect products from multiple angles and provide well-rounded reviews.


Mark graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Emerging Technologies in Business & Design from Miami University in 2016. This educational background not only solidifies his credentials but also adds a unique layer to his product reviews. He uses his knowledge in emerging technologies to give readers a fresh perspective on the capabilities and limitations of the digital tools he reviews.

Mark Rabbino’s expertise and methodical approach to product reviews make him a reliable source for users looking to make savvy decisions in the software market. Whether you’re a newbie looking for straightforward advice or a pro seeking advanced tips, Mark’s reviews are your go-to resource.