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Looking for the best restaurant kiosks for self ordering? 

Look no further.  We’ve researched the market and found 7 restaurant kiosks to consider.

Labor costs and food costs are increasing.  Smart restaurant owners are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operations.  That’s the appeal of self ordering restaurant kiosks.  Done right, they can help you serve more meals during peak times while also increasing average ticket size. 

Plus, the kiosk doesn’t call in sick.

Check out our list of the best restaurant kiosks.  Then, schedule a demo with a click of a button.

Best Self Service Ordering Kiosk


  • Provides self-service kiosks, online ordering, website design, and app creation
  • Works with your current (or any) POS System
  • Lower labor costs by 30%
  • Increase ticket size by 15%
  • Reduces errors in orders
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Equal or lower monthly cost than all other kiosk brands
  • Text notifications for customers' order status
Wide Variety of Hardware


  • Many different hardware models
  • Works for restaurants, arenas, casinos, micro markets, and retail
  • Integrated system encompasses menu display, self order, pos, and food locker
  • Lacks Toast integration
  • Offers a cash recycler
  • Has a back of house monitor as an add on
Great for Drive Thru Restaurants


  • Self-ordering restaurant kiosk
  • Machine learning helps increase ticket size
  • Has a drive thru configuration for fast food restaurants
  • Numerous devices that integrate into the POS (Monitors, Watches, Smartphones, Tablets)
  • Expensive monthly fees (from $299.99 to $499.99)


  • Designed to fit restaurants of all sizes
  • Intuitive and engaging
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Works mostly for Clover POS
All In One POS


  • All-in-One Restaurant Management System
  • 29,000 customers
  • Small countertop screen
  • No freestanding kiosk
  • Works on IOS


  • Reduce queue size
  • Bland hardware design
  • Limited integrations
  • Works with IOS and Android
Built for Square


  • Built for Square and integrates with Toast
  • No hardware available
  • Attractive interface
  • Uses SMS To notify customers when their order is ready
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