Colossyan Review Unveiled: 7 Ways AI Enhances Your Video Creation Journey

Reviewed By Mark Rabbino

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Colossyan Review
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User interface

Language integration

Template support


Learning curve


Limited audio editing capabilities

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With the recent rise of AI tools and the advantages they offer for video editors, our Colossyan review intends to find out just what this software has to offer a potential user!

Having analyzed over 100 software tools in the video editing and AI space, our insights are backed by rigorous testing and comparison metrics.. Much like when we explored the AI-driven capabilities of Synthesia, this review will delve into both the essential and advanced features of Colossyan to help you make an informed decision. 

Designed to merge cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools with a user-friendly editing interface, Colossyan has a lot to offer aspiring creators

So lets dive in!

Colossyan Review & Overview

colossyan review overview

But, who is Colossyan for and what can it do?

At its root, the program is designed to combine AI video generation tools with a conventional video editing interface. As a result, you can see that it’s intended for video editors & creators who also crave the most modern, trail-blazing tech developments.

Colossyan AI tools come with a core set of features to accomplish its mission:

  • Essential editor assets. This includes both run-of-the-mill tools like screen recording and file export, along with advanced offerings such as AI actor scenarios. These diverse editing features reduce the needs for another third-party software
  • Text & speech support. Subtitles, auto-translation, extended language support, and an AI script assistant are all conveniently within reach. This comprehensive toolkit will enhance global reach and accessibility, making content more inclusive and appealing to a wider audience 
  • Avatar creation. Colossyan runs with both an impressive AI avatar library and the option to create your own custom avatars. This allows for a tailored learning experience 

Comparing Pricing Plans for Colossyan

Not all features are bundled in the same plan!

Multiple Colossyan pricing tiers are available, each with their own set of features. As you might guess, the more expensive plans provide a more feature-rich set, but also market themselves to more advanced users.

Let’s take a deep dive into the existing plans, and what each tier offers:





  • 10 monthly auto-translations
  • AI script assistant
  • 5 scenes per video
  • 70+ languages
  • Full commercial licensing




  • Everything offered by the Starter plan
  • 20 minute video duration
  • Several avatars in a scene
  • DALL-E integration
  • No Colossyan watermark




  • Everything offered by the Enterprise plan
  • Unlimited monthly video minutes
  • Expanded avatar library
  • Uncapped auto-translation
  • Team & collaboration features

Pros and Cons of Colossyan

No Colossyan review would be complete without asking: What are the advantages and drawbacks of the software?

We’ll get into specifics later, but let’s briefly highlight the most notable pros and cons of the editor:

Strong user interface

Colossyan’s interface is clean, modern, and intuitive to use.

Language and translation support

The editor comes with out-of-the-box support for a host of languages, along with auto-translation tools.

Default template library

Users have a diverse choice of templates for their video presentations.

Difficult to learn

Mastering all of Colossyan’s features will take time and a lot of patience.


While the Starter plan is quite reasonably priced, the Pro and Enterprise plans could be cost-prohibitive for many users.

Limited audio editing

Changing the voice, music, and sound effects is doable to an extent, but not as much as we’d hoped.

Colossyan Review: Rating Details

Simplicity and User-friendliness


The initial interaction with Colossyan reveals a welcoming and intuitive interface. While it offers guidance for newcomers, a more detailed introduction could be beneficial. Some features might require a bit more effort to find.

Premade Templates and Effects


Colossyan Creator shines with an extensive array of templates and editing effects to enhance your presentations. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant “sales deck” format or a minimalist “company update” style, it has you covered. The variety allows for a visually engaging experience, catering to different presentation needs.

Language Support


Colossyan excels in language accessibility, supporting over 70 languages right from the start. This commitment to multilingual support is further emphasized by its auto-translation capabilities. These features firmly establish it as a leader in language support, deserving a full 5-star rating.



The cost-effectiveness of Colossyan is somewhat variable. Transitioning from the Starter to the Pro plan offers notable benefits, but the value against the increased monthly fee is subjective. The perceived worth of the upgrade would depend on individual usage patterns and frequency.



Colossyan prides itself on offering a customizable user experience. While it largely delivers on this promise, enhancements in avatar adjustments and presentation feature flexibility could be beneficial. Despite minor limitations, the platform allows for considerable user customization, adapting to various preferences.

Learning Curve


Despite its user-friendly nature, Colossyan presents a notable learning curve, especially when exploring advanced features. Transitioning to more complex functionalities can encounter some hurdles, a smoother progression would be appreciated. It’s a common trait in software, but improvements in user guidance during transitions could enhance the experience.

Export and Rendering Options


Colossyan facilitates easy export and rendering of videos, with options to suit different plan levels. The Enterprise plan supports 4K video downloads, while other plans offer HD quality at 1080p. This ensures users have access to high-quality output, irrespective of their subscription level.

Audio-Editing Features


The audio editing capabilities in Colossyan are diverse, offering a range of features including stock music options and customizable avatar voices. However, it might not fully satisfy those looking for in-depth audio engineering functionalities. A more comprehensive approach to audio editing could further enhance the user experience.

Colossyan Review: Rating the Software

Let’s move on to the meat of our Colossyan review and actually rate the tool!

For this section, we’ll cover and give rating to various aspects of the usability and overall utility of the software suite, and then finish off with a rating for the whole program.

Simplicity and User-friendliness

colossyan user friendliness

Immediately upon opening the program, we were struck by the friendly, inviting layout. Not only was it simple and intuitive, but it also provided an unobtrusive guide for users who were new to the editor.

That said, we could have done with a little more of an explainer at the start, and a few of the features were a bit tricky to locate.

Premade Templates and Effects


There’s no slacking in this department: Colossyan Creator comes with a highly comprehensive set of built-in templates and editing effects.

For example, if you want to spice up your presentation’s look and feel, you can choose a more visually stimulating template, such as the “sales deck” format. Or, you can go in entirely the opposite direction and opt for a more barebones template, like the “company update” style.

Language Support

colossyan language support

With 70+ supported languages right out of the box, there’s no way you can say Colossyan doesn’t put effort into language usability.

That, plus the auto-translation features, put this category firmly in a 5 star territory.



Cost-effectiveness is something of a mixed bag with Colossyan.

While there are definitely exciting and advantageous additions when you switch from, say, the Starter plan to the Pro plan, it’s unclear if the benefit is quite worth the monthly price increase.  Of course, this will also depend on your use case and how often you plan to use the software.


colossyan Customizability

Customization is a key ingredient of Colossyan’s marketing. But, do the features hold up when you go to use the software?

For the most part, yes! It would be nice if there was more you could do for adjusting the avatar settings, and some of the presentation features don’t budge very easily, but the interface is largely open to user tweaking.

Learning Curve


Now wait, didn’t we say the software is user-friendly? Yes, but friendly doesn’t always mean easy to learn!

When you want to move on to some of the advanced features, especially when you upgrade from the Starter plan, you’re likely to hit some roadblocks along the way. This is true of any software, but Colossyan could, in our view, make the transition a little easier for its users.

Export and Rendering Options


Once you have your video created, how difficult is it to export it into a usable format? Not at all!

Colossyan supports 4K quality video downloads in the Enterprise plan, but in the Starter and Pro plan, you can still download videos in HD quality at 1080p resolution.

Audio-Editing Features


Colossyan’s audio features are varied and typically quite strong. Some functionality users might find helpful include stock and custom music additions, avatar voice generation and customization, and uploadable sound effects.

That said, the audio editing isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t totally measure up to software intended specifically for audio engineers.

Colossyan’s 7 Essential Features

Now, as promised in the title of this Colossyan review, let’s delve into the 7 features provided by the software that can vastly expand and improve upon any video editing workflow!

Feature #1: Template Creation

Colossyan includes an extensive template set bundled within its interface. These templates allow the users to quickly and seamlessly create a skeleton for a video production or presentation without having to devote too much time to the preliminary editing stages.

Additionally, these templates are complemented by an impressive variety of stock images, backgrounds, music choices, and other theming tools. 

Feature #2: Extensive Avatar Library

colossyan Avatar Library

As it’s one of the main selling points for Colossyan, you’re probably curious about the support for AI avatars. So, what’s the overall support like for integrating these avatars into your video project?

Depending on the Colossyan pricing plan you choose, avatar choices can be limited. However, the more advanced plans offer a highly extensible set of avatars, including premium options.

Plus, all versions of the software still allow for AI scripting, changing the emotional state of the avatar, and modifying the avatar’s positioning in the rest of the presentation.

Feature #3: AI Script Integration

Avatars are far and away from the only AI integration into the Colossyan suite. Scripting is another key feature to look into.

With the built-in scripting tool, you can write and input custom narration that your chosen AI avatar will then speak out loud. To expand on this feature, you can add two or more avatars to a single scene and script a conversation between them.

Feature #4: Auto-Translation

Auto-translation is a crucial tool to add to your Colossyan toolkit. Choosing between the 70+ available supported languages, you can instantly translate your existing video from its default language into another.

As you’d expect, this can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort!

Feature #5: Standard Presentation Tools

colossyan Presentation Tools

Besides the shinier, more cutting-edge features, this program is, at the end of the day, still fundamentally a video editor. What ordinary, but necessary presentation features does it include?

A few examples of the types of familiar presentation tools you’ll find in Colossyan include PPT and PDF file format support, subtitles, stock images and media, and a brand kit. 

Feature #6: Screen Capture & Recording

One must-have feature in a productive video editing environment is a built-in ability to record and capture your screen. Fortunately, Colossyan includes this feature!

Simply select the “Open screen recorder” option and you’re ready to go.

Feature #7: AI Voice Design and Customization

You might not find the default AI voice effects to your liking.

Not to worry; with the native application tools, you can change the emotion of your avatar’s voice, add pauses to make the speech more natural, and even change the pronunciation of specific words. In hardly any time at all, you can have a voice dynamic well-suited to your project.

How Does Colossyan Compare to Competitors?

Colossyan doesn’t stand alone on the battlefield of AI-integrated video editors.

Who are its primary competitors and how do their features compare to this product’s toolset? Let’s see:


As one of the most known and popular AI-supporting video editors, Synthesia poses a unique challenge to Colossyan. Some benefits it provides that might sway a on-the-fence user include more avatars, extensive documentation and support, and a free library of media assets.

On the flip side, Synthesia doesn’t offer collaboration features or a price plan in between personal and enterprise (like Colossyan’s Pro plan.)

Elai logo

A new, up-and-coming toolset, has already amassed a set of enthusiastic users and followers. Substantial advantages of this editor over Colossyan are its affordability, impressive list of video templates, and advanced file support.

But, has its sore spots. There’s no built-in screen recorder, which many would consider a must, and tutorials and community support are spotty (sometimes even nonexistent!); in those areas, Colossyan outshines this editor pretty clearly.

Hour One

Hour one logo

Lastly, Hour One is an editor rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years. Some of its most attractive characteristics are plentiful stock music and images, reasonable pricing tiers, and promising avatar customization features.

That said, Hour One suffers from some disadvantages, including a limited number of templates, few presentation tools, and lackluster voice support.

Colossyan’s Customer Support and Community

Let’s say you run into some stumbling blocks along the way in your Colossyan creator journey. What channels can you rely on for help and additional resources along the way?

As it stands, Colossyan offers multiple avenues for customer support, both on its official website and beyond:

Help Center

The Colossyan Help Center acts as a “first line of defense”, so to speak, for when users encounter issues during the editing process. Here, you’ll find beginner articles on getting started with the tool, in addition to guides for working with the avatars, fiddling with voice settings, and using the featured video templates.


colossyan Webinars

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for in the Help Center, or have more specific questions, Colossyan hosts periodic web seminars to deliver more comprehensive info to interested users.

These webinars may include live demos and discussions on AI design, language theory, and everything in between!

Discord Server

colossyan Discord Server

Say you prefer to have a direct dialogue with the community, so you can identify and resolve issues and bugs much more swiftly. What options are on the table?

Wave hello to the Colossyan Discord server! Through Discord’s instant-messaging protocol, users can have immediate, one-to-one discussions with each other, and receive updates, bug reports, and help requests from the community as a whole.

Final Verdict

Colossyan has a number of strengths that shouldn’t be discounted, especially when it comes to user interface design, language support, and template integration.

But, there’s also no getting around its weaknesses, including a rough learning curve, expensive upper price tiers, and lack of advanced audio support.

Overall, we rate the editor as a 4.3 out of 5.

The program has many impressive benefits to offer aspiring video creators who also want to take advantage of modern AI tools, and those users will be more than willing to overlook the relative downsides we covered earlier in the Colossyan review.

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Total Score


Colossyan has a lot going for it. We could point to the impressive language support, intuitive user interface, and satisfying export resolution options as compelling selling points for the product.

On the other hand, the steep learning curve, costly high-tier plans, and limited audio editing prevent it from achieving a maximum score.

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