Consulting, Collaboration, and Profit: Luke Hohmann’s Entrepreneurial Journey

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Luke Hohmann’s journey to becoming a successful tech founder and consultant is an inspiring story of persistence, resilience, and continuous learning. Luke started his career in technology as a cabling technician at EDS, where he worked his way up the corporate ladder over ten years to become a VP of Engineering at a subsidiary. But Luke’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship eventually led him to pursue a more entrepreneurial path.

After leaving EDS, Luke joined his first startup, Aurigin Systems, in the Bay Area in 1996. He then founded his first company in March of 2000, which unfortunately failed. But Luke didn’t give up. He joined a turn-around and helped sell it to Aladdin Knowledge Systems, an Israeli security firm. He then founded his consulting firm, Enthiosys, in 2003, which allowed him to help other companies achieve success in the tech industry.

In 2010, Luke founded Conteneo, a collaboration software company based on his book Innovation Games. He bootstrapped the company into a successful B2B SaaS enterprise and sold it to Scaled Agile in 2019. Luke then started FirstRoot in 2020, which is still searching for a sustainable revenue model.

Luke’s latest venture is as the CIO of Applied Frameworks, a boutique consulting firm that helps companies create sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions. He published his new book Software Profit Streams™ in 2023, which is a testament to his ongoing passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Applied Framework’s focus on creating sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions and building a culture that prioritizes families, sustainability, and joyful work make it an exciting place to work. As they continue to grow, Applied Frameworks is actively looking for senior product managers who want to be consultants to join their team.

Luke’s story is fueled by the power of persistence and the importance of continuous learning. He started as a cabling technician and worked his way up to become a successful tech founder and consultant. His journey shows that with hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks, anyone can achieve success in the tech industry.

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