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Designrr Review
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Produces uniform eBooks from different formats

Import feature is better than copy-and-paste

Saves time by quickly converting formats

Lifetime license is remarkably valuable


The template designs are dated

Lifetime license is limited to free eBooks

Transcription isn’t available to lower-priced plans

The interface can be trick to learn

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Designrr is a popular software designed to simplify eBook creation. Over 100,000 people use it daily to bundle, arrange, and repurpose content into professional eBook copy. Plus, the streamlined process makes it easier for eBook creators to sell their products faster.

Just like the Moovly video-making software goes with video creation, Designrr is the premium choice for eBook creators who want to automate and optimize their marketing efforts. But Designrr isn’t the only software that serves this purpose, and to make the most well-informed decision, you’ll need to consider a thorough Designrr review.

Read on as we explore the ins and outs of the Designrr eBook creator, its advantages and disadvantages, and an overall rating to determine whether it is compatible with your project.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is a cloud-based service that allows users to generate powerful lead magnets and professional eBook copy from other forms of content.  Since it is cloud-based, you don’t need to download any apps or software to access the service. A simple web extension will do the trick.

After entering your card details, you’re led to a welcome page where you receive a summary of Designrr’s key features and a quick brief on how to use the software for the most benefits.

What is Designrr

Tip 1

Unlike other software in this niche, Designrr doesn’t have a free plan, so you’ll have to subscribe to a tier for access to the software or any of its features

Breakdown of Designrr Pricing Tiers

Designrr Pricing Tiers

It is important to note that Designrr operates two main plans, named Business and Agency, which individually have sub plans. Here are the available pricing tiers you’ll see in Designrr:




  • The ability to create and offer eBooks to readers, who in turn, enter your email list.
  • Flipbook generator
  • Over 100 project templates and 922 Google fonts
  • Automatically generate Table of Content for the eBook
  • Limitless use of high-quality royalty-free images
  • The ability to create unlimited eBooks
  • Import from the web, MS Word, and Google Docs
  • Automatically adds Page Numbering to your project



  • More than 200+ cover designs for your eBooks
  • Over 100 pre-made templates that you can customize with the built-in editor
  • 3D cover image tool
  • Customizable brand kit, including logo, font, style, and color



Everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • 4 hours of monthly video or audio transcription hours



Everything in the Premium plan, plus

  • 8 monthly hours of video or audio transcription

Tip 2

Designrr offers a 7-day free trial for all the subscription plans. Considering that Designrr isn’t the cheapest eBook creator on the web, the trial helps you test out your preferred plan before paying for it.


  • Access to one account for up to 5 users
  • 25+ hours of monthly transcription
  • 24/7 premium support for Agency Premium users
  • An onboarding concierge to guide you through your new subscription

Tip 3

All Designrr plans, except the Agency plan, restrict each account to one user. So, if you work within a team and other people will need access, Agency is the only way to go.

Designrr Review: Pros and Cons


Designrr is built to create professional looking eBooks in record time, and it does this by converting different formats and cutting downtime during content creation.  The extensive tool allows creators to add links, short bios, and even allocated space for CTAs.

Import feature is better than copy-and-paste

Designrr is a format-flexible software, meaning that you can upload and convert different content formats automatically. This feature is beneficial when you need to quickly convert different formats such as Docs to PDF and PDF to flipbook.  


While Designrr is effective for creating and publishing eBooks, the templates and interface can be confusing for new users. The on-screen icons definitely need getting used to and the layout can feel like it’s all over the place

Lifetime license is limited to free eBooks and you’ll need to upgrade your plan to be able to access other content and sell them.

If you need transcription services and you’re using a plan below Premium, Designrr won’t be of much help. While it is good for content  creation, you’ll likely need a separate transcription service because Designrr only offers it to Premium and Agency plan users

Tip 4

Designrr only offers transcription services to its Premium and Agency plan, but asides from 4-8 hours of monthly transcription, the two plans and the Pro plan are quite similar

Designrr Key Features Summary

Word Genie


The Word Genie feature is a true lifesaver for creators facing a block, offering a smooth pathway to generate eBook outlines and body content. It significantly accelerates the content creation process, providing a solid base to build upon. However, it might take a couple of tries to get the perfect title, but the variety ensures you find your fit.

PDF to Flipbook


This feature stands out by transforming PDFs into professional flipbooks swiftly, making content sharing on various platforms a breeze. It not only facilitates quick conversions but also allows for easy edits and adjustments before finalizing the flipbook. The hassle-free and speedy process makes it a favorite among users.

Google Doc/ Blog Post to PDF


Designrr’s this feature is a boon for those who prefer working with Google Docs, offering a seamless transition from doc to a visually appealing PDF. It effectively eliminates the need for WordPress, making the content transfer process straightforward and efficient. The tool is particularly beneficial for new creators, offering a plethora of templates and ideas.

Import Feature


The import feature in Designrr is noted for its speed and smoothness, providing a quick solution for urgent content conversion tasks. It requires a Google doc with granted access, ensuring the content is ready for review within moments. This feature stands as a quicker alternative to the traditional copy-paste method, saving valuable time.

Merge Multiple Drafts


For users juggling multiple drafts, this feature is a godsend, allowing for the combination of various drafts into a cohesive project. It maintains uniformity and consistency in the final output, ensuring the merged content doesn’t appear disjointed. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is not available in the standard plan, necessitating an upgrade for access.

Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering user-generated articles that guide through various features. It presents a community-driven platform where users can find easy-to-understand tutorials, facilitating quick problem-solving. This feature stands as a testament to Designrr’s user-friendly approach, fostering a community of shared knowledge and experience.

Start from Scratch


Starting from scratch in Designrr doesn’t have to be intimidating, thanks to the supportive tools embedded in the AI feature. It offers suggestive tools and personalized templates, making content creation in the editor quite straightforward. Moreover, the built-in auto-save option ensures that your progress is preserved, alleviating fears of losing unsaved work.

Designrr Review: Key Features and Ratings Snapshot


Word genie is a Designrr feature made to help alleviate creator’s block. I found that it was an AI content creator, so I used it to generate eBook outlines, headlines, and body content using my specified niche and target audience. When used during content creation, the Word Genie feature sped up the process by giving me material to build upon, instead of starting from scratch. The Word Genie will certainly be perfect for beginners and creators making fresh marketing content.

Designrr Word Genie

Sometimes I wasn’t satisfied with the titles, so I simply regenerated more for a new batch. Each title was unique and optimized, which made it easy for me to find a few that I liked in every batch.

PDF to Flipbook


The PDF to Flipbook is a feature helped me convert content from PDF to a professional flipbook in a matter of minutes. After the conversion, I was given a URL which I embedded into web pages and shared to my social media platforms. Since flipbooks can’t be edited, this feature helped me to tweak my flipbooks by quickly editing and converting the PDF. The speed and hassle-free design was definitely one of my favorite parts of Designrr, making this part of the Desginrr review quite positive.

Google Doc/ Blog Post to PDF


Designrr equips you to convert raw content from Google doc, and lets you preview and use one of its templates. I found this particularly useful because it eliminated the need for WordPress. Instead of copying my content into WordPress and editing it there, I simply copied the link to my Google doc and pasted it into the available space. Within seconds, Designrr retrieved my piece and all I had to do was slap on the visuals.

Designrr is an all-inclusive suite of ideas and templates that would be perfect for new creators and people who aren’t very tech savvy. When it came to transferring my content from docs and published blog posts, Designrr got the work done, a highlight in this Designrr review.

Import Feature

Designrr import feature

I found the import feature much faster and smoother than the traditional copy and paste. For example, I once had an article piece to convert and submit on a short notice. Instead of pulling it out of the Google docs, I decided to try the import feature. The only requirement I needed was a Google doc which had been granted access, to allow Designrr read the piece and moments later, my draft was ready for review.

Merge Multiple Drafts

Designrr Merge Multiple Drafts

Many times, while I used Designrr, my drafts would pile up. More often than not, they belonged to the same project, so the “merge multiple drafts” feature came handy to combine them all with the click of an icon. My merged drafts weren’t blocky and disorganized, so the feature was designed to maintain uniformity and consistency in the final project. As for any bits I didn’t like, it didn’t take me long to fix them in Designrr’s built-in editor. I felt strongly about giving this feature a shout out in my designrr review.

Tip 5

“The Merge Multiple Drafts” feature isn’t available to Standard plan users, so you’ll have to upgrade to access the tool.

Knowledge Base

Designrr Knowledge Base

Designrr Knowledge Base is what you would call an extensive compilation of community resources. I stumbled upon it when I needed tutorials on how to use some of the features and it was laid out in categories, each with several user-created articles. Since they were written by Designrr users like me, they were far easier to understand than a chatbot, so that it only took me a few minutes to navigate, find, and use the article to solve my problem.

Start from Scratch


Start from Scratch is essentially the feature you would use when writing fresh content in Designrr. It initially seemed daunting to write in Designrr’s editor, but with the wealth of suggestive tools in Designrr’s AI feature, I found creating content in the editor to be a breeze. Below the screen, I saw an option to choose my project’s theme and it was used to generate relevant and personalized artwork and templates for my content.  Plus, as if to abate my fears of losing unsaved progress, there’s a built-in auto-save option to help you preserve your project as you work.

Designrr Start from Scratch

Tip 6

Finding the perfect software can be hard, especially when you’ve got a new project on your hands. But, checking out Designrr ebook creator reviews is a sure way to see if Designrr helped creators with similar content goals.

Designrr Review: How does it Compare with Rivals?


flipsnack logo

Flipsnack is more like Designrr than WordPress, in the sense that Flipsnack is used to create magazines, catalogs, and like publications. It targets the same customers too, except that FlipSnack is slightly more costly.  However, Flipsnack is a lot more extensive than Designrr in many areas, going on to offer circulation and client management and website analytics.

Flipsnack Overall Rating



canva logo

Canva is a video editing and graphic design tool designed to help creators produce professional designs. It is great for logos, videos, and GIFs, but most importantly, it is a powerful tool for eBook creation. With Canva, you can choose eBook templates for virtually any style and theme before deciding which to use. Canva’s free plan is also robust with features (but fairly limited) for any project

Canva Overall Rating



Scrivener is a popular content editing and creation software that helps writers and translators to create eBooks and manuscripts, edits texts, and track projects. You can easily write and edit your eBooks in Scrivener while using its great importing and formatting features. It is one of the most effective apps for writers and eBook creators who want to perform their tasks hassle-free.

Scrivener Overall Rating


Tip 7

While Designrr shares some features with blog management software (like the ability to draw content into catalogs), it is more of a “booklet” creation software. So, its job is to create eBooks, magazines, newsletter, and other such publications.

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Total Score


Is there such a thing as a Designrr scam? I’ve installed the application, subscribed, and tested it out to ensure it is scam-free. Designrr is certainly a legitimate platform that assists eBook creators pull different formats of content into well-laid out and uniform eBooks.

The interface is a little dated, but with some getting used to, navigating Designrr isn’t too hard. There are definitely alternatives like Flipsnack and Squarespace, but if you’re an individual or business who specializes in eBook creation, I’d suggest you try Designrr.

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