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The Doodly pricing structure is divided between two straightforward plans, each offering accessible video editing features suitable for users at almost any skill level. Similar to other video tools like Synthesia—where we explore its offerings in detail—Doodly also provides a free trial to introduce new users to the software.

Once that expires, however, you are left with a tough choice. Which tier of the Doodly pricing model is right for you? In this article, we take a look at the pricing plans and product features that will help you navigate all of your Doodly software buying decisions. Read on to learn more.

Why Doodly Pricing Offers More: Top 5 Features Explained

doodly simple user interface

In a world where the average person has twelve active subscriptions, you need to be able to justify new monthly bills. Here are five ways that Doodly earns its fees:

  • Drag and click user interface: Doodly’s drag-and-click interface allows people with no prior editing experience to dive right in. The “timeline,” feature lets you easily scroll through and adjust your content in a way that feels natural and straightforward.
  • Huge character library: Doodly’s significant pre-drawn character library provides editors with a rare combination of flexibility and user–friendliness. The sheer scope of their catalog allows you to make very specific, customized content while benefitting from boilerplate designs.
  • Voiceover integration: Doodly lets you provide seamless voice-over integrations making it significantly easier to introduce multi-media elements to your content. Audio video features can add significant cost to a product. Having a tool that puts the ability in anyone’s hands is nice to see.
  • Hand selection: If you’re new to editing this might sound strange. The hand features serve as your digital avatar while you make edits. Having the opportunity to customize it makes the tool more inclusive to all users and gives you the chance to personalize your virtual workstation.
  • Low cost: Finally, Doodly is also inexpensive compared to other editing programs. If you want an entry-level product with an impressive catalog of upmarket features, not many other products will give you as much bang for your buck.

Prices Overview

doodly standard vs enterprise

Doodly Pricing Plans Explained in Detail

So, which product is right for you in the question of Doodly standard Vs. enterprise? It mostly comes down to work volume. The standard package will suit the needs of hobbyists and casual editors, while the enterprise solution is designed for people or organizations who operate at a much higher level.

Below, we will take a closer look at both packages.

Note, however, that how much does Doodly cost, will depend not only on which package you select but also on how you pay for it. Customers who pay monthly currently spend 17% more than those who opt for the Doodly one-time price.

Doodly Free Plan

doodly library with free trial

Doodly currently offers a free trial for both its enterprise and standard packages. The free plans are available for fourteen days and grant you access to all product features during that time.

When the trial lapses, you will be automatically billed for the next month of service using the payment method on file.

Because the free plan offers all of the same features as the paid versions, it will be a good fit for anyone with an interest in Doodly. Even buyers who are completely confident that this is the product for them will benefit from two weeks of free service, while uncommitted users have a risk-free opportunity to explore the features.

Doodly’s basic plan, labeled “Standard,” on the website includes reduced access to almost all of the software’s features. This includes:

  • Captionable images that make it easy to customize your content
  • Visual mind map component that let’s you map out projects easily
  • A significant number of fonts, images, tracks, and templates

This package also comes with basic support content, including access to the Doodly Design Facebook group, and free access to related products including Toonly, Talkia, People Builder, Pyks, and Voomly. These support materials further improve Doodly’s accessibility for inexperienced editors.

Standard includes 7TB of cloud storage (that’s enough for about one thousand hours of high-definition content) and unlimited video funnels, all adding up to a generous output capacity for an entry-level package.

Do note that certain features which may feel basic are often only accessible through upcharges.


Good library of preset graphics

Competitive support materials

Generous accessibility for entry-level product


Many relatively basic features like color pallets and graphics are hidden behind pay walls

doodly software perk royalty free music

The enterprise plan includes many of the same features described above but scaled to greater heights. You get:

  • Almost twice as many fonts and characters.
  • Loads of customizable tools, including interactive cursors designed to stimulate creativity.
  • Imroved access to various customer service features that may elevate your experience.

Enterprise also allows you to use the product on multiple devices to create unlimited videos. As with the Standard plan, you get access to the Facebook group, and Enterprise versions of Toonly, Talkia, People Builder, and Pyks and Voomly.

Storage is increased to 10 TB and you also get unlimited video funnels. The price point is also pretty sweet—just $30 more per month than the standard plan, making it easy to justify buyers who are on the fence between plans.

Like the free version, it lacks 3-dimension video editing features.


Extremely customizable, allowing you to easily make a comfortable digital work environment

Scalable features great for everything from internal presentations to professional marketing

Enough storage to last pretty much forever


Whiteboard style animation eliminates Doodly as an option for editors looking for higher-level 3D content

Which Plan Makes Sense?

Standard Great ForPremium Great For:
Blog OwnersEducators
Students Working on School ProjectsHigh Volume Content Creators
Work PresentationsVideo Editors
Try It TodayTry It Today

As clearly shown above, the Premium package significantly ramps up the same features observed in Standard. If you are looking for a scalable editing solution, Doodly Premium will almost certainly be for you.

Tip On Getting the Best Deals With the Software Tool

We have already mentioned that annual plans are generally more affordable than paying monthly. Keep in mind that software providers are all about customer retention. They want—need—you to stay on for a long time to recuperate their acquisition costs and turn a profit.

Consequently, they make it as enticing as possible to stay for a long time.

how much does doodly cost

Consider speaking with a customer service representative. Most software providers are willing to extend reasonable discounts to customers to avoid churn.

This could include expanding promotional timelines or even creating customized discounts.

Keep your eyes peeled for customer incentives. Some companies will provide discounts when you bundle products, refer friends, submit testimonials, etc.

Finally, don’t be afraid to shop around. Having a good sense of what other similar products cost will help you understand your options and may even provide you with valuable leverage when you discuss potential discounts with customer service.


Let’s review. Doodly offers two price tiers, both with nearly identical features. The premium version can do everything that the lighter one can—but to a much greater extent. The plans are currently priced at only $30 apart, with significant discounts available to annual customers.


Doodly is trying to funnel customers toward making a long-term commitment to their premium package—and they are doing an admirable job.

You certainly can accomplish a lot with the standard package and if your needs fall comfortably within its limitations, there is no reason not to. However, they’ve made it very easy to scale upward by making a relatively modest payment increase. The larger storage, the massive bank of characters and images all make the Enterprise solution an enticing option that many customers won’t want to pass up. It’s the most bang for your buck when it comes to Doodly pricing tiers.

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