Unlocking Value: An In-depth Analysis of Moovly Pricing Tiers

Moovly Pricing Tiers

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Checking out Moovly pricing guides is the first step to choosing the right tier. Moovly is a customizable and effective software for creating animated content for education and marketing. So, it is a no-brainer for personal brands, businesses, and even tutoring services.

Like Animaker pricing, Moovly is a popular software with different pricing plans that suit different needs. And, matching plans properly is a sure way to get value for your money. Luckily, you can always use a Moovly comprehensive guide to understand each tier better.

Read on as we explore the Moovly cost, break down tiers by their features, and match you with the best plan.

Moovly Pricing Plans Overview

Moovly Pricing

Moovly pricing plans are grouped into three main groups. They are:

Individual Plan

FeaturesIndividual FreeIndividual Pro PlanIndividual Max
Publishing OptionsPublish to GalleryUnlimited Video Length50 Downloads/Exports
Media & AssetsRoyalty-Free ImagesNo WatermarksCustomize Fonts & Colors
Upload & Download LimitsPersonal Uploads25 Downloads/ExportsScreen Recording
Advanced Features-Custom Video TemplatesText-to-Speech
Support & Collaboration-Priority SupportPriority Support
Closed Captions
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FeaturesFreePro PlanMax
Publishing Options1M Royalty-Free AssetsHD 720p Videos50 HD 720p Downloads/Exports
Media & Assets20 Personal UploadsNo WatermarksAudio-to-Subtitle Transcription
Upload & Download LimitsPublish to YouTubeUnlimited UploadsScreen Recording
Advanced Features-Collaborate with UsersGoogle Translate Integration
Support & Collaboration-Social Media PublishingPremium Support
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Enterprise Plan

Moovly’s Enterprise plan is tailored for unique business needs. It offers custom pricing, aligned with the company’s scale. Publishing options are flexible, catering to various platforms. Media assets are included to enhance content creation. Upload and download limits are set per business requirements. Advanced features are included for specialized tasks. This plan provides a personalized video creation solution, making it a valuable option for businesses.

What are the Differences Between Moovly Pricing Plans?

Moovly Individual Free Plan

Is Moovly free? More like the free plan is essentially the tasting sample of the software. It is pretty limited, but you can still access Moovly’s fundamental plans like quality royalty-free images and personal uploads.

Here are the features available to you when using Moovly’s Free Plan:

  • The ability to publish to the gallery, YouTube, and Vimeo, and embed videos from the Gallery on other webpages 
  • Access to high-quality royalty-free images from Unsplash, Getty Images, and Soundstripe Music libraries 
  • Easy upload of media into the Moovly app

While you can use the Free plan for small, quick projects, the limitations can be quite… limiting. For instance, you can’t access Moovly’s Pro libraries or create videos longer than two minutes. And, your masterpieces will have the signature Moovly watermark, even as you can’t share them with other users.

When to Choose the Moovly Individual Free Plan

  • If you have a one-time project, and won’t likely use Moovly soon
  • If you have a limited budget for video creation.

When Not to Use the Moovly Individual Free Plan

  • If watermarks rub you the wrong way
  • If you need a wealth of tools for the project type 
  • If your budget can accommodate a better-equipped subscription plan (like the Individual Pro)
  • If your videos are averagely longer than 2 minutes 
Moovly thumbnail changer

Moovly Individual Pro Plan

The Individual plan costs $99 per month and it is the cheapest individual Moovly plan for beginner creators. It comes with all the features included in the Free plan, plus extras like:

  • The ability to make videos with unlimited length and no watermarks 
  • 25 downloads or exports per month in HP quality 
  • The ability to create custom video templates and upload unlimited personal media 
  • Improved customer support

The Pro
monthly subscription plan is perfect for creators who churn out frequent content throughout the month. The extra monthly downloads and unlimited video length are extremely useful for creating continuous video series and long form content.

The Pro plan costs $99 per month, which can be pricey across time. But if you choose the yearly plan, you can pay $399 annually instead of $1188. 

When to Choose the Moovly Individual Pro Plan:

  • If you turn out consistent content that is often longer than 2 minutes 
  • If your videos need custom templates and unlimited personal uploads 
  • If you can’t afford to have watermarks in your videos 
  • If you produce and post several videos throughout the month

When Not to Use the Moovly Individual Pro Plan

  • If you require more than one account. Sharing a subscription violates Moovly’s terms and conditions 
  • If your projects do fine with second-length videos and don’t mind watermarks 
  • If 25 monthly downloads and exports limits your projects 

Moovly Individual Max Plan

Max is the most extensive subplan for the Moovly Individual subscription. It costs $199 a month, and it is perfect for professionals who want the most creative tools for their projects.

Here are the features in the Individual Max package:

  • A increased limit of 50 monthly downloads or exports in HD quality 
  • Unlimited personal uploads and the ability to customize fonts and colors 
  • Screen and webcam recording features
  • Text-to-speech and closed captions subtitles
  • Priority customer support 

The Max subscription is arguably pricey, so it is the preferred choice for creators who are already generating an income from their content. By this time, already, creators have a certain standard of content that only extensive subscriptions can provide.

When to Choose the Moovly Individual Max Plan

  • If your project requires captions and perhaps a text-to-speech feature 
  • If you’ll likely need more than 25 monthly downloads and exports every month 
  • If you need pro features like screen and webcam recording features

When Not to Use the Moovly Individual Max Plan

  • If you’re just starting out with content creation, and don’t yet earn from it 
  • If you have a one-time project or one that doesn’t need custom tools and personal uploads 
  • If the extra cost doesn’t justify the extra features.
Moovly Video Generation

Moovly Edu Free​

Teachers and students use Moovly Edu to help them create school projects, course material, explainers, and other educational content. Users normally start with Edu Free to give them an idea of its features before scaling up to a paid plan.

Here’s what you’ll get in Moovly’s Edu Free:

  • 1 million royalty-free stock assets
  • 20 personal uploads for your projects 
  • The ability to publish to YouTube and Vimeo

If you have an email address for a known educational domain, Moovly automatically upgrades your account to the Free Edu plan. If you don’t, you’ll only have the option to choose Individual plans. 

But first, here’s how you’ll know if Moovly Free is perfect for you:

When to Choose the Moovly Edu Free Plan

  • If you have a limited budget but need a set of good tools
  • If your project isn’t sensitive to branded videos like Moovly watermarks 

When Not to Use the Moovly Edu Free Plan

  • If your projects needs customization in fonts and templates 
  • If you’re churning out consistent content and need a higher limit for downloads and exports
  • If you need the option to share and collaborate with other users

Moovly Edu Pro

For students and tutoring professionals in all levels of education, Moovly Edu Pro is easily a no-brainer. It has all the features in the Edu Free, plus some good stuff like:

  • The ability to create HD 720p videos without watermarks 
  • More reach in unlimited media uploads and the ability to create custom templates 
  • The ability to collaborate with other users and publish to social media

Edu Pro works for individuals and teams looking to create educational and branded content with quality tools. At $24.95 a month, Edu Pro might not cater to limited budgets. But, if you opt for the $99 yearly payment, you can save money and still get all the good stuff.

Here’s how to determine if Edu Pro is a match for your project:

When to Choose the Moovly Edu Pro Plan

  • If you think watermarks don’t align with your project’s quality or brand 
  • If you’ll need custom templates to represent your brand’s identify or project

When Not to Use the Moovly Edu Pro Plan

  • If you need little resources to execute your project
  • If you don’t need the annual plan, but can’t pay for the monthly plan

Moovly Edu Max

Moovly Edu Max has all the features to cater to large tutor teams, teachers, and even student groups. Its extensive tools help create educational and marketing content of the highest quality even without deep content expertise.

With Moovly Edu Max, you can access a wealth of custom tools and media flexibility for your content creation projects. Here are the features in the extensive Edu Max package:

  • 50 downloads and exports of HD 720p quality videos without watermarks
  • Unlimited media uploads and the ability to create custom templates 
  • The ability to collaborate with other users and publish on social media
  • Audio-to-subtitles transcription and Google Translate for title integration
  • Screen and webcam recording for educational material and explainers
  • Premium customer support for users

Edu Max costs $49.95 per month, but a yearly subscription will cost $249 per year. 

When to Choose the Moovly Edu Pro Plan

  • If your project involves large-scale teaching or tutoring 
  • If multiple team members will access the account
  • If you’ll be adding subtitles to your video and want to streamline the process further 
  • If your downloads and exports exceed 25 every month

When Not to Use the Moovly Edu Pro Plan

  • If it doesn’t make economic sense for your project
Moovly explainer videos

Moovly Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a custom-made subscription plan, and its a little different from the conventional plans. It allows businesses to create a plan that caters to their unique needs for the best value. 

By feeding Moovly details about your brand and project, you can get your unique Enterprise plan pricing. Here’s how to determine whether your team will need Moovly’s Enterprise plan.

When to Choose the Moovly Enterprise Plan

  • If your team has unique needs and goals that call for a tailored plan
  • If you have the budgetary flexibility to accommodate the extra features 
  • If you need bespoke customer support

Let’s Rewind on Moovly Pricing

Moovly is a popular software that comes in handy for personal brands, businesses, and even small projects. Every plan is unique but the software still caters to content creation projects with quality and precision.

This is why it is important to start every subscription with a free trial or freemium. It gives you a feel of the software and narrows your decision-making in time for an upgrade.

While Moovly’s plans are useful, not all of them will work for you. But with a little bit of matchmaking and a comprehensive Moovly guide, you can find your ideal Moovly plan. Let’s see those animations!

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