Movavi Pricing Explained: Top 6 Features Worth Your Investment

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Movavi Pricing

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For industry-grade video production projects, knowing the ins and outs of the Movavi pricing plans is key. That’s where we come in. Three of our team members have hands-on experience using this tool for over five years. We have rigorously tested its features and pricing tiers to provide you with a review that cuts through the noise.

We offer a comprehensive breakdown of the editor’s capabilities in our thorough examination of Movavi’s video editing solution, but this post will focus on 6 of the most essential features available in the software package, and where you can find these features in each price tier

Overview of Movavi Pricing

As you’d likely anticipate, the actual Movavi video editor price depends on which plan you subscribe to. 

Let’s look at a general outline of these tiers, before covering them in more depth:

PlanAnnual CostFeatures
Movavi Video Editor$54.95● Cutting and trimming functions
● Pre-built video effects
● Integrated AI tools
● Keyframe animations
Video Editor + Effects Pack$178.95● Everything in the Video Editor plan
● Gradient effects
● Cinematic-style effects
● Vintage VHS effects pack
Video Suite + Effects Pack$250.95● Everything in the Video Editor + Effects Pack plan
● File type conversion
● Screen recording
Video Suite Business$305.85● Everything in the Video Suite + Effects Pack plan
● Early access to new features
● Priority customer & technical support
● Support for social media
Movavi Unlimited Business$2,831.69● Everything in the Video Suite Business plan
● Complete set of Movavi effects in the Effects Store
● AI retouching tools
● Object removal from video clips
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Feature #1: AI Integration

movavi ai integration

As you’ll note, there are some consistent features available across all plans, which brings us to our first of the 6 features: AI tools.

Something Movavi has beat many of its competitors to is incorporating cutting edge AI-assisted technologies, like automatic background and noise removal. These features are accessible whether you’re using the basic plan, all the way up to the Unlimited Business tier. These AI tools significantly elevated the quality of our video projects, saving us both time and effort, no matter which plan we choose.

What Are the Movavi Pricing Plans?

Now that we’ve got a rough idea of what Movavi pricing plans are available, let’s do a more thorough examination of each one:

Movavi Video Editor

Though it’s the cheapest plan offered by Movavi, the Video Editor tier has some advantages that are not to be ignored:



This is, by far, the least expensive subscription, so budget-conscious users are likely to be swayed.

Ease of use

Even with minimal practice or training, anyone can get started creating and editing videos with this plan.


Despite being more barebones than the alternatives, there’s a surprising range of the types of projects you can produce.

That said, we should note a few drawbacks of the plan:


Fewer video effects

There are no special effects packs included with this plan, beyond the basic stock effects included in all versions of the editor.

Unsuitability for professional work

Nonexistent collaboration tools make this a poor fit for those in the industry.

Feature #2: Keyframe Animation

movavi Keyframe Animation

For those who prioritize creative control in their video editing projects, we thought that Movavi’s Keyframe animation feature is a game-changer. Even at its lowest tier, Movavi delivers on a crucial editing tool: Keyframe animation! Simply select the Animation tab available under the tools bar, and you’re ready to go.

This level of granularity meant we were not limited to preset animations;  and were able to create our own unique effects that align with our vision.

Video Editor + Effects Pack

With the addition of the Movavi Effects Pack, this plan comes with some undeniable benefits:


Professional-grade effects

You’ll have access to cinematic-style video effects.

Visual variety

Gradient support and special editing effects have the potential to give your project a lot more flair.

Unique style choices

You might not have considered a VHS vintage filter, but now it’s in reach!

But, there are some drawbacks:


Large cost increase

We’re not convinced the (admittedly stylish) effects justify the huge price hike.

Lack of advanced editing tools

Power users still run into the obstacle of not having features like screen recording or file conversion.

Feature #3: High-Quality Video Effects

movavi Video Effects

With the Video Editor + Effects Pack plan and above, you can incorporate a level of aesthetic nuance into your project that you might not get with other editing tools.

What really stands out  is that Movavi is designed to be powerful yet secure. For those who are not ready to take the plung and upgrade to the higher plan – they offer a 7-day trial period to test this feature in its full functionality.

This means you can experiment with advanced features and effects to create visually stunning videos without worrying about software limitations 

Video Suite + Effects Pack

Not only does this plan come with the aforementioned Effects Pack, but there are a few impressive additions:


Relatively low price

Compared to the previous price jump, this one is a fair step more modest.

Advanced editing tools

Screen capturing and file conversion take the editor up a notch!

File format support

Users can work with previously unsupported file types via conversion.

On the other hand, we could do without some of these more glaring cons:


Minimal collaboration tools

In this plan, there still isn’t much in the way of team support.

No social media support

Given how crucial social media integration is for many video projects, this is a frustrating gap.

Feature #4: Screen Recording

movavi Screen Recording

From the Video Suite + Effects Pack plan onwards, you can integrate the native screen recording tool directly into your Movavi workflow.  This feature is particularly useful for creating tutorials, capturing live streams, or documenting software bugs, adding another layer of versatility to your video projects.

And don’t worry, the Movavi screen recorder price is factored into the subscription fee, hence making it more cost-effective. 

Video Suite Business

Geared toward commercial-grade video production, the Video Suite Business plan has some stand-out offerings:


Early feature access

With constantly evolving editing technologies, this can be a game changer for some projects.

Professional-level technical support

Priority Movavi technical support is provided to those with this subscription.

Collaboration tools

Multiple licenses per subscription are offered as part of the plan, letting teams work together with the editor.

To give a more balanced view, we also found some flaws:


Video effects paywall

Full access to the Movavi Effect Store is limited to only the most expensive plan.

Few AI tools

Users are stuck with the basic AI integration offered in the lower tiers.

Feature #5: Social Media Integration

movavi Social Media Integration

As part of a comprehensive marketing approach, we were able to use the native social media tools set to optimize our test video projects across popular networking platforms. Allowing us to increase reach and engagement without the need for a third-party application.

Movavi Unlimited Business

Lastly, the Movavi Unlimited Business plan is clearly intended for enterprise-grade projects, and offers some compelling advantages as a result:


Advanced AI integration

Retouching your video clips with subtle detail is much easier with the available AI tools.

Complete effects access

Finally, you’ll have full access to the Movavi Effects Store (more on that later!)

Upgraded object and background removal

While background removal is available in all plans, there’s a significant quality increase here.

Before you get too excited, there are some weaknesses to note:


Prohibitively expensive

An annual subscription is several thousand dollars, so this is out of budget for most users!

Narrow use case

Unless you’re running a large video production company, this probably isn’t the best plan to choose.

Feature #6: The Movavi Effects Store

Movavi Effects Store

While our budget limited us to subscribe to this plan. Based on our research and past experience we can attest that if you subscribe to the Movavi Unlimited Business plan, you’ll be one of the few users with complete access to every effects pack offered by the company.

This is particularly beneficial for businesses aiming for high-quality, diverse visual content, as it allows for a greater range of creative expression and branding consistency. 

Choosing the Best Price Tier

Movavi Best Price Tier

So, how do you decide which Movavi pricing plan is right for your workflow? There are a couple guidelines that can make it easier, depending on what type of user you are:

PlanUser RequirementsIdeal Users
Video Editor● Essential editing functions (cutting, trimming, etc.)
● Keyframe animation
● Basic stock effects
Video Editor + Effects Pack● Advanced video effects
● Gradient options
Video Suite + Effects Pack● File format conversion
● Screen recording capabilities
Video Suite Business● Early feature adoption
● Guaranteed technical support
● Social media tools
Small Businesses
Movavi Unlimited Business● Advanced AI technologies
● Wide range of video effects
Large Enterprises

How to Get the Most Affordable Movavi Deals

Budgetary constraints might have you worrying about whether you can afford the most appropriate plan for your use case.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds!

Movavi often offers special discounts on its plans, so it’s highly recommended that you check their website to see if they’re currently offering special subscription deals. Additionally, you can try out a free trial to see if the editor is a good fit ahead of time.


And that concludes our dive into the Movavi video editor cost tiers!

In broad terms, we can break down Movavi pricing like this: Casual and solo users should stick to the Video Editor (with or without the effects pack) and the Video Suite, while businesses and organizations will benefit immensely from the two business plans.

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