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Whether you’re on a strict budget for your AI video creation or just scoping out the most sensible deals, Synthesia pricing is often a top priority.

Luckily, we’re here to help! While some of our guides, like the one where we delve into Cutout Pro’s capabilities, are meant to give a full overview of a program, this post will instead lay out each Synthesia cost plan, break down their strengths and weaknesses, and give some additional insight into choosing a plan. We’ve clocked in over 15 hours testing Synthesia’s features and pricing tiers, so you can trust that our insights are grounded in hands-on experience. 

But, first, a little background: Created in 2017 by AI researchers, Synthesia was invented as a way to let people of all means and backgrounds quickly, easily, and affordably create videos using the latest AI technology.

Overview of Synthesia Pricing

Let’s get to the big question first: How much does Synthesia cost?

That all comes down to whether you choose the Personal plan, or the Enterprise plan. These two Synthesia pricing tiers have different monthly subscription fees, feature sets, and use cases.

Here’s a quick overview of the two plans:

Pricing PlanMonthly CostFeatures
Personal$30● 10 minutes of video per month
● AI script integration
● 120+ supported languages
● Over 90 AI pre-built AI avatars
● Screen recording capabilities
EnterpriseCustom● Unlimited videos per month
● Over 140 AI avatars
● Customer number of users per plan
● Collaboration tools
● Priority technical and customer support
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Synthesia Pricing Plans

Now that we have a broad idea of the Synthesia pricing plans and what each one offers its users, it’s a good time to look at each plan more closely!


synthesia cost

Intended for individual users as opposed to businesses or teams, the Personal plan is the tier that most customers will find best suited for their needs.

This tier is available for a $30 per month subscription fee.


Clear Pricing

Unlike the Enterprise plan, there’s a single monthly subscription fee for all users.


The $30/month price tag is quite competitive in the AI video software field.

Strong AI integration

With the ChatGPT-integrated AI script assistant, users can automatically generate text for their videos.

Support for uploading media

Customers are able to upload their own photo, video, and infographic files.

Ideal for new users

This plan is especially suited for users who are experimenting with AI video creation for the first time.


Monthly video caps

Subscribers to the Personal tier are restricted to only 10 minutes of video each month.

Limited to one user

Whereas the Enterprise plan allows a custom number of users, the Personal plan is firmly capped at one user per plan.

No support for custom fonts

Only users in the more expensive price tier can upload their own fonts.

Small asset library

The Personal plan’s media library is limited to select stock images from Unsplash.

Fewer AI avatars

Synthesia’s business plan has over 50 more AI avatars than its individual plan.

synthesia template library

Marketed for businesses and video content teams, the Enterprise plan has a smaller target customer base and is optimal for projects requiring collaboration between multiple creators and editors.

Synthesia corporate pricing is custom and dependent on the number of users you want on your Enterprise plan.


Unlimited monthly videos

With this plan, the 10 minute monthly video cap no longer applies.

Multiple users per plan

Businesses can add a custom number of users to their plan (though this is factored into the subscription price.)

Custom fonts and soundtracks

Users can upload their own typefaces and audio files.

Over 10 million media assets

Image and video assets are available from platforms like Shutterstock and Pexels.

Dedicated customer support

Subscribers are given priority access to Synthesia’s support team.


Ambiguous pricing

The subscription fee is flexible and depends on the number of users.

Paywalled features

Some features, including voice cloning and custom avatars, require further payment.

No additional stock templates

The Enterprise plan has the same number of 65+ templates as the Personal plan.

Limited to 50 scenes per video

While there are no limits on minutes, scenes are a different story!

Less accessible

Due to the commercial pricing and more complex features, the Enterprise tier isn’t ideal for beginners.

Choosing a Synthesia Plan

Choosing a Synthesia Plan

Still unclear on which Synthesia pricing plan is right for you? No problem!

We’ve put together a quick, handy guide to choosing your plan based off the type of user you are and features included in the plan:

PlanFeaturesIdeal Users
Personal● Media file uploads
● ChatGPT integration
● Screen recording functionality
● Support for over 120 user languages
● 90+ included AI avatars
Beginner and Intermediate
Enterprise● Multiple users and collaboration tools
● Unlimited video minutes
● Dedicated customer support
● Uploadable audio and typefaces
● Millions of image and video assets
Businesses and Freelancers
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Overall, the Personal plan is optimal for non-professional or solo users who are experimenting with AI video content. The Enterprise tier, on the other hand, is best suited for businesses and seasoned, professional video creators.

Finding the Best Deals for Synthesia

Best Deals for Synthesia

Since budget is so often a concern when choosing a subscription plan, you may be interested to see if there are any ways to save money with Synthesia.

Luckily, there are a couple ways users can do this!

One essential method for reducing your Synthesia cost is by subscribing to an annual plan, rather than a monthly plan; this difference saves users 25% per year.

Likewise, users can also test out a free demo for Synthesia, available on the website. While this demo is limited to one video and doesn’t include the full feature set, it’s still a helpful way of testing out the tool and getting a feel for whether it’s a worthwhile investment.


The cost of Synthesia is broken into two core plans: The Personal and Enterprise tiers.

Though the Personal plan is the best fit for most users, business owners and team collaborators shouldn’t overlook the benefits of the features included in the Enterprise package.

Ultimately, Synthesia pricing comes down to factors like pricing plan, monthly or annual subscription options, and whether you’re a single user or planning on adding multiple team members to your subscription.

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