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Video Campaignor software creates fantastic interactive “Video Sales Bots” from any video on the internet.

The ability of A.I. video actors and chat bots are combined in a new interactive video format called “Video Sales Bots,” which results in lifelike “Virtual Employees” who work nonstop for nearby companies, selling their goods and services for them so they don’t have to.

Todd Gross, Magnus Ilechukwu, and Peter Beattie are prepared to deliver you an army of “Video Sales Bots” that are pre-programmed and prepared for use!


video campaignor software

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You can create STRONG Interactive Videos From ANY Online Video on the net.

VideoCampaignor includes 50 pre-loaded, done-for-you templates in the HOTTEST niches that you can utilize to launch your campaign in as little as 5 minutes with a few mouse clicks. You don’t need any programming or video editing expertise.

By providing “Video Sales Bots” to Local Businesses in any industry, you can profit from the current “Automation Economy”!

Businesses require a dependable, quick, and effective method to carry out employee-based duties, such as sales calls and relationship development, without having to engage a “real” person. They require a “Video Sales Bot,” that is a sales video robot with pre-programmed dialogue that can interact with clients on their behalf, additionally, you should close sales deals, close sales transactions, and even collect money!

This videocampaignor software is so easy to use that anyone can pick it up and start using it right away.
Simply select one of more than 50 templates in the hottest markets…
(NO hosting or editing experience is necessary.) Add UNLIMITED interactive components that are scientifically PROVEN to consistently convert more viewers into leads and sales to bring your video sales bot to LIFE in only a few clicks.

Video Campaignor Software Features:

  • Supports any type of video; utilize any MP4 video link from the internet, including those from, Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo. Additionally, you can upload video from your device.
  • By putting countless interactive components, such as Texts, Images, Objects, Cut-outs, and playing Films inside your video, you can transform your videos into mini-engagement hubs.
  • By including clickable buy buttons, calls to action, and shoppable goods and services to your films, you may quadruple conversion rates.
  • Directly from your videos, accept money with PayPal and Stripe.
  • Add deadline and urgency signals to your videos to encourage viewers to take action. You can pick between an evergreen or traditional countdown timer.
  • By including engaging gamification and rewards in your films, you can excite and involve your audience more.
  • By including interactive tests and polls in your videos, you may get crucial marketing information.
  • With Video Campaignor application you can add interactive opt-in forms and lead magnets to your videos to increase leads and the size of your subscriber lists. These leads are immediately sent to selected lists in your auto-responder services via the built-in seamless automation.
  • By including interactive social sharing to your films, you may promote your company on social media.
  • By activating gates and content locking, you can compel visitors to take action. You can also include interactive button gates, lead gates, CTA gates, quiz gates, share gates, product or service gates, video gates, gamification gates, and other gates
  • You can add editable watermarks to your videos to make them more secure; you can pick between picture and text watermarks.
  • Your videos that are meant to achieve any marketing goal should include html code.
  • Add interactive maps to your films to convince your audience of actual places.
  • To expand your audience across your advertising platforms like Facebook, add tracking codes and pixels.
  • By including interactive, clickable, and skippable video chapters, you can give viewers complete control over their viewing experience.
  • With branching videos and video funnels, you can let viewers decide their own experience and course of action. Link branching videos together with clickable texts, images, buttons, shapes, etc. Add an unlimited number of interactive elements to any branching video in your video funnel with the option to auto-play branching videos. Create branching videos with any YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Groove, or MP4 video link, or use any video you can upload from your device (includes pre-built niche video funnel templates).
  • By clearly indicating the beginning and conclusion of your video, you may direct viewers’ attention to any particular section of the clip.
  • To make any object in your video touchable for viewers, add hotspots to it. When viewers click on the hotspot, they will be taken to the desired page or action. Utilize customisable overlays to further serve your content and convert visitors. Add an infinite number of hotspots to an infinite number of items and points in your video.
  • Animate any element in your video to draw viewers in. Choose from 50+ animations in 10 different animation categories, such as attention-seeking animations, back entrance animations, bouncing entrance animations, fading entrance animations, flipping animations, light speed animations, rotating entrance animations, zooming entrance animations, sliding animations, and special animations.
  • Create 15 ready-made animated and static play skins, choose from 6 ready-made animated and static play icons, add and customize video thumbnails, and properly tailor your video player’s features to match your brand.
  • Support for many languages, including your native or national language, allows you to alter text on all interactive elements.
  • All of your campaign performance data and analytics, including views and clicks, regional analytics, device analytics, viewer source analytics, etc., are fully accessible to you.
  • Use Integrated photo libraries to improve your films!


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