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Video Spin Blaster is a video creator that also has a text-to-speech feature. The software vendors are Vlad Cristian and Stoica Bogdan (the same as on Thumbnail Blaster ). You can make videos with awesome text-to-speech and attention-getting effects using the VSB app.

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Video Spin Blaster Software Features:

Video Creator

You can make and render videos with just a few clicks and without having to wait an eternity. This system can make a 10-minute HD video in under one minute!

Text To Speech

You can now add custom text and audio to each of your slides thanks to the enhanced text to speech engine.

Mass Watermark

With only two clicks, you can watermark a folder of videos with random watermarks and random placements!

Video Spinner

By spinning a video, Video Spin Blaster PRO 2.0 can create thousands of unique copies of the same video file, avoiding YouTube’s duplicate detection.

You can make a lot of videos with Video Spin Blaster application by randomizing the order of your slides and uploading them all to YouTube!

There is no limit on how many slides you can include. You may use both video and picture slides in your presentation. You can also add text to video slides, add individual watermarks to each slide, change the text location on each slide, and much more.

Here is the list of languages that will work with Text-To-Speech: Arabic, Chinese, Cantonese, Catalan, Dutch, Danish, English US, English UK, English Indian (accent), English Australia, English Canada, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese Portugal, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. That’s 23 languages! And almost all support both male and female speakers.

If you want to see more video creators with text to speech function click here: Avatar Builder Software

You can use VSB on its own or in conjunction with any other video maker available!


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