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7 reasons to use monday workforce management software.

As your teams grow, project management often becomes a task to manage unto itself.

Unruly email chains, duplicative or lost files, and communication breakdowns can lead to missed deadlines, unhappy clients, lost leads, and a lack of ownership and oversight over your projects. is a workforce software solution that offers to solve all this and more.

At its core,  workforce software is a digital space for managing work, tracking progress, collecting information, and helping distributed teams automate, collaborate, and communicate.

Below, we’ll go over 7 key reasons why workforce software may be the right choice for your growing business or teams, regardless of your industry.

Reason #1: Easy-to-Use User Interface, Beautiful Templates, and Robust Features Make Us Love  Workforce Software by monday

If you’ve ever had to use JIRA or other software built in the early 2000s, you’ll find monday’s modern platform and design incredibly powerful and refreshingly easy. starts by asking you to create a board, which functions like Excel rows and columns on steroids.

Boards allow you to track everything from campaigns, creatives, budgets, leads, clients, employees, projects, or tasks in a central location for all team members to see and work on.

And if you’re ever at a loss for what you can do with boards, monday’s template center offers 120+ robust templates in industries from construction to marketing.

sales track

Boards are far more powerful than they first appear.

Each column or row within a board acts as a widget, allowing you to add calendars, track budgets and deadlines, notify owners, track leads, create contacts, and any other information you can think of tracking in a central location where everyone can view and update.

Cells also allow you to drag and drop files directly into them, add polls or ratings, or create other custom dependencies or triggers.

Forms can also be created to automatically populate rows and fields for external or internal input.

For those who find themselves using Excel to track projects or creative files, upgrading to is like the equivalent of going from Microsoft Paint to

Marketing plan

Reason #2: monday’s Software Integrations, Customizations, Automation, and Communication Features

Integration – offers endless customizations, robust automation, and numerous integrations with other vital software such as Slack, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Salesforce, DocuSign, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Excel, and many more.

Our favorite integrations include the ability to directly integrate Zoom calls into workforce software.

Customizations – Your business may also have unique workflows or processes requiring specific customizations.

Enterprise clients may even create custom apps or widgets to manage or integrate your organization’s unique and specific workflows or legacy applications.

Automation – The most popular feature of any workforce software is the ability to create custom triggers, forms, and automatic notifications to match how your teams and customers like to operate.

A friendly low-code form will help your teams quickly create triggers and automation tasks.

Communication – The ability to directly comment and communicate on tasks or files eliminates the need for endless email chains with subject lines such as “see attachment #9.”

Mentions will automatically trigger those tagged, and updates to tasks are centralized so everyone can see what’s been done on a task within its full context.

Reason #3: Good Reporting Features and Visualizations

“What gets measured gets done” is the age-old adage. allows you to create dashboards or Kanban boards, which give you instant KPIs and progress at a glance, from sales revenue to leads or deal status.

Dashboards allow you to quickly add widgets that search through your boards to summarize information such as to-do lists, billable amounts, or other metrics you’ve quantified in your boards.

The great reporting and visualization features are a great way for managers or owners to easily keep track of your team’s resources and budget and quickly glean valuable insights.

It’s also great for reporting progress internally or to external clients.


Reason #4: Built-in Time Tracking For Workforce Management

For companies that bill by the hour, monday’s built-in time tracking feature is great for quickly logging work and creating invoices.

Whenever you start a task, just click a timer to track how long you’ve spent on it.

This also allows you to track and visualize time and financial resources across your company’s teams and departments.

Tracking workforce

Reason #5: Cloud-Based Software and Native Mobile Apps comes with native mobile apps for Android and iOS, works on most smart devices such as iPhones and iPads, and is entirely cloud-based.

This allows you to manage and work on projects across distances, on the go, and away from the office.

Cloud back-ups and file versioning also ensure your work across teams is backed up and stays up to date.


Reason #6: Diverse Use Cases bills itself as industry agnostic, so it works whether you’re a law firm, construction company, non-profit, fashion magazine, or software development team.

The core features are quite robust and easily help teams across industries stay on top of large projects and tasks.

However, also offers other specialized complete end-to-end sub-products for specific use cases:

  • Sales CRM for more robust sales tracking.
  • Marketer for even more robust creative and marketing tasks.
  • Projects for PMO teams and project managers.
  • DEV for agile workflows and product and development professionals.
  • Workforce Management for professionals and teams managing complex tasks and workflows.

Reason #7: Community, Video Tutorials, and 24/7 Support

monday offers video tutorials, community forums, and 24/7 support to help your teams get specific inquiries answered.

Video tutorials are integrated throughout their FAQ, which helps you easily figure out how to do something new.

Final Thoughts is perfect for businesses or project managers struggling to manage scaling teams.

It addresses the pain point all growing teams have, which is how to better collaborate and communicate without wasting time on emails, meetings, and tracking down tasks and files manually.

If Microsoft Excel, Word to-do lists, Dropbox and emails, or clunky legacy software from the 90s are getting too unwieldy for your growing teams, then is a perfect solution.

Its collaborative features, endless customizations, centralized communication features, and beautiful interface will save you the headaches arising from manual inputs and lack of clear ownership and transparency.

A free plan exists for teams of two, and the pricing scales up as your teams grow.

Another limitation, especially for government clients, is the lack of a self-hosting feature. Data export is also quite limited (e.g. HTML export).

However, besides these few limitations, we believe is the right choice for your workforce software needs.

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