A Lifelong Calling to Entrepreneurship: The Journey of Pierce Baugh

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Follow Your Calling

Pierce Baugh is the founder of StrategicDatabaseSystems, a company that specializes in custom software development for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Baugh’s career path has been marked by a lifelong calling for entrepreneurship, although he has spent time working for other companies.

A Love For Design At Any Age

Baugh was inspired to start his current company by a number of factors. First and foremost, he had a desire to continue creating and designing, but he also wanted to find a better and more fulfilling way to provide custom software solutions to SMBs. Additionally, he wanted to get back to his roots and work directly with founders and leaders. Finally, Baugh recognized the challenges of ageism in the hiring marketplace and wanted to create an environment where people of all ages could thrive.

Iterating to Find Your Sweet Spot

Identifying the ideal customer profile has been a work in progress for Baugh, but he is getting there through trial and error. He is constantly evaluating his product and services and working to validate them with potential customers.

Culture and Future Growth

In terms of company culture, Baugh is building a team that values being nice, being curious, working hard, and having fun. He believes that a positive and supportive environment is key to success.

StrategicDatabaseSystems has experienced success in its early stages, but Baugh acknowledges that there is still work to be done to achieve reliable, consistent, and manageable growth. He launched the company with a sense of urgency and is now focused on finding the right combination of marketing, networking, and sales strategies to drive growth.

While Baugh is not currently hiring, he has identified his next outsourcing need: UI/UX design. As he continues to grow his company, Baugh is committed to finding talented individuals who share his passion for entrepreneurship and custom software development for SMBs.

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