Our Mission is to make it easy to choose the right software for your needs

Sometimes you need free tools.  Non-technical people need dead simple tools.  Hyper growth teams need robust tools to grow with them.

Our 10 Step Process For Purchasing Software

  1. Define your desired outcome.
  2. List your technical requirements.
  3. Determine what you’re willing to pay to achieve the desired outcome.
  4. Capture requirements from your team.
  5. Create a shortlist of 3 potential solutions.
  6. Sign up and start using the top 3 asap.
  7. Collect questions based on trialing the products.
  8. Do product demos with sales reps and use your questions.
  9. Utilize our price negotiation guide.
  10. Create onboarding and training plan.
real good software
real good software

Avoid Mistakes & Gain Value

Choosing the right software to use can be overwhelming.  Solopreneurs often struggle because they don’t know what they need.  Growing teams and big companies often suffer from analysis paralysis.  Follow these three pieces of advice.

One, the best software won’t fix bad operations.  If you’re manual operations are a mess, spend some time improving your plan.  Then select software that can make your ops plan more effective and more efficient.

Two, you get out of it what you put into it.  A piece of software isn’t going to work well if you don’t use it properly.  Ask anyone that uses a sales crm.  They’ll tell you garbage date entry equals unreliable insights and analytics.

Three, pick tools that you love using regardless of their branding.  The more you like using it the more value you’ll gain.  This ties into  number two above.

“You know it's great software when you use it, love it, and don't want to work without it.”

Keep It Simple

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a big company exec, you’re better off keeping things simple.  Don’t over analyze your software selection.  The quicker you can get to an initial trial, the faster you’ll know if the tool is right for you.  Don’t waste time with a bunch of sales demos.

Move at the Right Pace

Solopreneurs shouldn’t spend weeks evaluating software.  You can zip through our 10 step process in a matter of days if not hours.  Read reviews, watch videos, and start trying out tools asap.  Then stick with what you enjoy using.

Growth stage companies and big corporations will need to be more intentional.  That said, it really shouldn’t take 6 months to pick most software.  

Things to keep in mind

Software tools do amazing things.  It enables solopreneurs to compete with big corporations.  You can automate tasks and make data driven decisions.  All without more labor.

But it’s easy to scoff at the price of SaaS tools.  $100 per month here.  $29 per month per license there.  It all adds up quickly.  That’s why it’s important to only subscribe to software tools that you’ll actually use.  And it’s doubly important to monitor usage so that you don’t overpay.

But don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.  This means don’t stress out about paying Hubspot, Salesforce, Monday or some other SaaS company a ton of money if you’re running your operation on these platforms.  In many cases, you might not being able to operate as efficiently or effectively without them.  If that’s the case, feel good about paying them for the value they create.

Overall, too many people waste too much time and money selecting SaaS tools.  Do the work upfront to pick the right tools and negotiate a fair price.  Then, use the software to create the most value for your customers… and don’t look back.

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