Behind the Screens: The RealGoodSoftware Journey

Hello, we’re RealGoodSoftware! We are a collective of digital aficionados with a simple mission – to make complex web tools simple for you. You won’t find stuffy tech lingo here. Instead, we’ve got real-world experience and down-to-earth insights on the best video editing and web tools, sprinkled with a dash of digital fun!

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Our Story

In a rapidly evolving digital world, finding the right tools became an overwhelming task. This was the challenge we, at RealGoodSoftware, faced firsthand. With backgrounds in videography, product management, and software tech, we realized how existing review sites were either too complex or lacked depth.

So, we decided to change the game! We embarked on this journey to create a hub of reviews and guides that make web tools easily understandable and accessible. And thus, RealGoodSoftware was born – your go-to place for everything web tools.

Meet the Team

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Brian Mclintic’s Bio

Brian Mclintic, our captain, brings over 15 years of diverse experience in the digital landscape to the table. An accomplished digital expert and seasoned videographer, Brian’s breadth of experience ranges from creating engaging video content to managing product campaigns on various platforms. His expertise lies not just in using web tools, but also in unlocking their true potential to make digital content more impactful.

The challenge Brian often faced was finding a space where he could get reliable, understandable, and in-depth reviews of these tools. It was this quest for knowledge, coupled with the desire to make things simpler for others like him, that sparked the idea for RealGoodSoftware. Today, Brian’s mission is to guide you towards the perfect tools for your projects, sans the jargon! He believes in empowering others with knowledge and insights, just as he had wished for during his early days in the industry. With RealGoodSoftware, Brian has created a platform that does just that – making the complex simple and accessible.

Alexa Rose’s Bio

Our creative maven, Alexa Rose, started her journey with website builders and digital editing tools a decade ago. It began with managing graphics for her clients in her first marketing role, and today, she has hundreds of web and digital projects under her belt. Her hands-on experience with these tools has been transformative, offering her a unique perspective on their capabilities.

At RealGoodSoftware, Alexa is thrilled to leverage her extensive experience for the benefit of our users. She understands the complexity of choosing the right website tools amidst a sea of options. Her goal is to simplify this process for you, guiding you towards tools that truly fit your needs and make your digital journey more rewarding.

Mark Rabbino’s Bio:

Mark Rabbino, our specialist in motion graphics, has been in the field since 2010. He has a particular knack for real-time performances and video mappings. Mark’s expertise doesn’t stop at work; his passion extends into his personal life, where he enjoys immersing himself in music without any visual distractions.

For Mark, RealGoodSoftware offers a platform where he can share his deep knowledge and love for his craft. With a personal collection of records that’s heavy on classical music, Mark understands the importance of detail and nuance. His commitment is to help our users find the perfect tools that capture these fine subtleties in their projects.

Tina Thorne’s Bio:

Tina Thorne, our savvy digital marketer, brings a wealth of experience from her time working with small-to-medium-sized businesses. Over the years, Tina has tried and tested a plethora of marketing tools, experiencing both triumphs and trials. Almost a decade into her career, she’s familiar with the ups and downs of the digital tool landscape.

Joining RealGoodSoftware has been an exciting chapter for Tina. She’s eager to use her experiences to benefit others, helping you sift through the multitude of web tools available. Tina’s objective is to guide you towards the tools that will not just meet, but exceed, your business needs. With Tina, you’re not just finding tools, you’re discovering ways to make your business thrive!

Neha Jain’s Bio:

As the Interim COO of RealGoodSoftware, Neha Jain brings a wealth of experience in digital investments and operations. Her current focus is on steering RealGoodSoftware towards operational excellence across all departments, from HR and accounting to digital marketing. Most recently, she served as the Head of Growth and Operations at PincusCo Media, where she honed her skills in business process improvement and web development. Prior to that, she led business development efforts at BeamJobs and managed cross-functional teams at the venture-backed startup, Milofy.

Neha is also the Principal at Mango Tree Investments, where she invests in early-stage digital companies and manages residential assets in New York City. Her expertise in SEO, due diligence, and acquisitions makes her a versatile asset to our team. She has a proven track record in strategy and product marketing, having worked with futurON Systems and Marketproof, Inc.


How Is RealGoodSoftware Funded?

At RealGoodSoftware, we’re all about trust and transparency. So, here’s the deal: if you find a service provider through us and choose to sign up using our link, we do receive a referral fee. Rest assured, this doesn’t impact our rigorous testing procedures or sway our recommendations in any way.

You might have noticed on other comparison sites, certain providers seem to continually take the top spot. We’ve been approached with similar offers to “buy” our top position – and we’ve declined every time. We prioritize integrity over profit, even if it means a bit of a hit to our earnings.

We strive to be accountable to you, our readers, so we welcome your feedback. If you have comments or thoughts on our reviews, don’t hesitate to share them.

Every purchase made via our links doesn’t just help us continue to improve RealGoodSoftware – it ensures we can keep providing you with the best information at no extra cost to you. Our mission is to help you find the perfect tools for your projects, and we’re proud to do it.

Our 10 Step Process For Purchasing Software

  1. Define your desired outcome.
  2. List your technical requirements.
  3. Determine what you’re willing to pay to achieve the desired outcome.
  4. Capture requirements from your team.
  5. Create a shortlist of 3 potential solutions.
  6. Sign up and start using the top 3 asap.
  7. Collect questions based on trialing the products.
  8. Do product demos with sales reps and use your questions.
  9. Utilize our price negotiation guide.
  10. Create onboarding and training plan.
Tips on choosing the correct software

Avoid Mistakes & Gain Value

Choosing the right software to use can be overwhelming. Solopreneurs often struggle because they don’t know what they need. Growing teams and big companies often suffer from analysis paralysis. Follow these three pieces of advice.

One, the best software won’t fix bad operations. If you’re manual operations are a mess, spend some time improving your plan. Then select software that can make your ops plan more effective and more efficient.

Two, you get out of it what you put into it. A piece of software isn’t going to work well if you don’t use it properly. Ask anyone that uses a sales crm. They’ll tell you garbage date entry equals unreliable insights and analytics.

Three, pick tools that you love using regardless of their branding. The more you like using it the more value you’ll gain. This ties into number two above.

“You Know It's Great Software When You Use It, Love It, And Don't Want To Work Without It.”


Expert Software Advice

Our website offers expert software advice and guidance to assist you in selecting the ideal software for your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals stays up to date with the latest industry trends and software advancements. Rely on our knowledgeable insights to navigate the complex landscape of software options and make informed decisions.


Personalized Recommendations

Discover personalized software recommendations tailored to your unique needs. Through advanced algorithms and intelligent matching, we analyze your specific requirements and preferences to suggest software options that align with your business or personal goals. Save time and effort by accessing tailored recommendations that streamline your decision-making process.


Discover Deals and Offers

Uncover exclusive deals and special offers on software products through our platform. We collaborate with top software providers to bring you the latest discounts, limited-time promotions, and coupon codes. Maximize your savings and get the best value for your investment by exploring our curated selection of deals.

Stay updated with the latest offers and make informed decisions while choosing the right software for your business or personal needs.

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