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Video Creator software from Paul Ponna is an all-in-one video maker that allows you to produce quality videos for any marketing goal from a single platform. It’s a powerful multi video platform that includes over 650 stunning video templates in the front-end product alone.
There are hundreds of one-of-a-kind video templates to help you stand out from the crowd. The majority of competing video applications restrict users to making 30-second videos. You may also use Video Creator app to create animated and long-form explainer videos with advanced ready-to-use video templates!

video creator software


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With hundreds of breathtaking video templates, Video Creator is like a visual encyclopedia. Inside one app, you’ll find the most robust set of high-quality video templates!

You can build everything you can think of in minutes with Video Creator. Stunning Scroll Stoppers, 3D Product Features, Ecommerce Videos, Motion Tracking Videos, Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, Logo Reveals, Whiteboard Videos, Live Action Videos, 3D Visual Effects, Hyper Realistic Dynamic Scenes, Video Ads, and Social Media Videos are only a few examples.

videocreator software features

Video Creator Software Main Features:

Over 670 conversion-tested ready-to-use video templates are included in the app. In comparison to every other product, this app has the largest set!
You have full control over the icons, text, images, audio, watermarks, and backgrounds in every video to make it suit your needs.
Scroll Stoppers, video mockups, ecommerce videos, product promos, motion tracking videos, animated videos, explainer videos, logo reveals, whiteboard videos, live action videos, 3D visual effects, ecommerce videos, and hyper realistic interactive scene videos are all possible with this software.

Logo Motion Tracking Technology is a game-changer.
You can add your logos and branding to real-life moving objects and scenes with this video maker app to attract more attention and convert more sales!
Logos should only be used on static images and scenes with other competitors. The logos here move with the moving object and appear fully natural, as if they were originally part of the scene!

Scroll Stopper Videos that are Sizzling Hot
Scroll Stopper videos are guaranteed to improve engagement, clickthrough rates, and lower your ad costs on any social networking platform!
You can make sizzling hot scroll stoppers for any marketing goal in minutes – no expensive freelancers or video apps needed!

Live Action Text Messaging Videos of Real Human Actors
It will be an excellent choice for attracting new traffic, leads, and sales for local businesses and entrepreneurs.
Build a great video message for any local business by using live actors dressed in various props and clothing to represent various occupations.
Live actors portray doctors, real estate agents, handymen, building, health, shopping, industry, military, and a number of other occupations.

Increase Your Profits with Ecommerce and 3D Product Mockup Videos
You can promote your products and ecommerce brands with amazing 3D product mockup videos!
These video templates are based on the most successful video ads, which have produced huge sums of money.
You can now create beautiful product showcase videos in seconds using the Videocreator app.

Photo-Realistic Effects in 3D Animation Videos
Photo-realistic 3D animations bring your videos to life! Hiring freelancers to create 3D videos like these would cost thousands of dollars. Complicated animation apps necessitate a high level of expertise and experience.
The Video Creator app allows anyone, regardless of experience or skill level, to make 3D animation videos in minutes.

What you get inside Videocreator software:

– Hundreds of Video Templates
– All-In-One VideoCreator
– Videos In All Dimensions
– Millions of Royalty-Free Images & Videos
– Built-in Copyright Free Music Library
– 720P HD Videos
– Step-By-Step Training
– Upload Your Own Assets
– Unlimited Video Renders
– Multilingual Video Support
– Commercial License (for the Commercial version – not the personal)
– Sell The Videos
– Facebook Group Access
– Skype Mentorship Group Access
– 8 Week Training Webinars
– Skype Mentorship Group Access

Using hundreds of next-generation video animation templates, you can now build any form of video for any marketing target in any dimension and size from one powerful video app.

Pros And Cons:

Pros: It is a very good complex video creator software, you can make a lot of type of professional videos.

Cons: The only thing I dont like it has not text to speech function on the basic product (many apps from Paul Ponna included this in the front end product) – but you can buy as an upgrade , see on the OTOs section the upgrade 3 – VoiceSuite Unlimited.


Video Creator software OTOs (One Time Offers) – You can buy if you want after you bought the basic product

UPGRADE 1 – VideoCreator Deluxe

Get a ton of extra features worth thousands of dollars. By tenfolding the results, sales, and earnings, you will get ahead of the competition and other VideoCreator customers. Sell videos for using the done-for-you agency package!
Get instant access to more than 200 premium video templates. Every month for the next year, 20 new templates will be released (no monthly fees)
1080p Video Rendering
Per thread, there are 6 renders. Video Rendering in Several Threads

UPGRADE 2 – VidEditor Unlimited

This full-featured 2-in-1 video editor and screen capture software has everything you need. You can make, edit, and create long videos, as well as join several videos together and easily edit the videos you make.
Camtasia Style Loom Style Screen Capture App includes a full-featured timeline editor.
Recording Webcam
150,000 ready-made video scripts Text-to-Speech built-in in-app voice recording
Motion Text Effects, Lower Thirds, and Animations in a Massive Set.
Unlimited Videos – No Monthly Fees!

UPGRADE 3 – VoiceSuite Unlimited

Real-sounding male and female voices in a text-to-speech voice app.
Text-to-Speech is available in 52 major languages.
In addition, there are 290 male and female voices.
In a single app, the most extensive collection of Text-To-Speech voices is available.
With a single click, you can launch a translation engine.
You should change the speed and pitch of your speech.
Unlimited Use Forever No Limits or Monthly Fees Driven by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Voice Engines

UPGRADE 4 – VideoPlayer Unlimited

A new player with a distinctive interface that boosts video engagement and viewing time by more than 300 percent.
Remove all branding and related suggestions from every video on YouTube or Vimeo. Increase playtime and interaction by removing all distractions.
Apply a new skin to your videos and change the colors to make them look more professional.
We’ve created a new technology that enables videos to autoplay across all browsers to improve interaction.
Add “attention catching effects” to your video player to maximize click through rates.
Video can be embedded anywhere.
Make as many video players as you like.
There are no costs associated with video hosting.


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